Collegium Resolution | 6 Additional Judges of Madras HC recommended to be appointed as Permanent Judges

Proposal for appointment of following six Additional Judges of the Madras High Court, as Permanent Judges of that High Court:

1. Justice S. Ramathilagam,
2. Justice R. Tharani,
3. Justice P. Rajamanickam,
4. Justice T. Krishnavalli,
5. Justice R. Pongiappan, and
6. Justice R. Hemalatha

On overall assessment and having regard to all relevant factors including the views of our consultee-colleagues, concurrence of the State Government, the Judgment Committee Report and the observations made by the Department of Justice in the file, the Collegium is of the view that:

(1) Justice S. Ramathilagam, (2) Justice R. Tharani, (3) Justice P. Rajamanickam, (4) Justice T. Krishnavalli, (5) Justice R. Pongiappan, and (6) Justice R. Hemalatha, Additional Judges, are suitable for being appointed as Permanent Judges.

[Collgium Resolution dt. 31-07-2019]

Supreme Court of India

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