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Name of the Competition – International Bar Association-Vienna International Arbitral Centre Consensual Dispute Resolution Competition Vienna, 2018

Location – Vienna, Austria

Dates – 17-20 July, 2018

Participants – 22 Negotiation teams and 11 Mediator teams from all around the globe after a comprehensive competitive selection process. MNLU Mumbai was one of only 2 institutes across Asia to be selected as one of 11 mediator teams.

Represented by – Yashraj Samant (4th year student) – as mediator

Result: Yashraj Samant finished the preliminary rounds as the 2nd best mediator and finished finals as the 3rd best mediator of the competition.

Overview: CDRC Vienna, 2018 is one of the most prestigious mediation competitions in the world being organized by Vienna International Arbitral Centre – CDRC. MNLU Mumbai, in its moment of pride became the only institute from the Asian continent to make it to the semi-final stage of the mediation segment. The competition features a massive spread from all over the globe featuring an international mix of participants and expert assessors.

The competition tests its participants on various parameters, including ability put thoughts clearly on the table and handling various interests of parties, thinking on the feet during tough negotiations and how to solve an impasse between two warring parties. The problem for mediation is taken from the Willem C. Vis (Vienna) Moot Court competition and adapted for negotiation purposes. It remains the same throughout the competition with changing confidential information(s).

Selection Process: MNLU Mumbai and NLU Delhi were the only 2 Asian institutes selected to participate in this competition after a rigorous selection process consisting of written and video applications. 11 mediator teams were selected from over 150 applicant institutes.

Summary of the competition

Day 1 – 17th July, 2018

The first day featured a welcome address swiftly followed by multiple workshops/sessions taken up by the world renowned mediators/negotiators training the participants in mediation and negotiation and prepping them for the competition. The spread of experts heading these workshops included some of the biggest names in the ADR circuit – Greg Bond, Tom Valenti, Tat Lim, etc. The evening culminated with a get-together dinner for all participants, coaches and experts which is a great opportunity for networking.

The competition structure had 3 preliminary rounds for the all the teams and based on total scores, the participants then proceeded to the next round which consisted of 8 negotiating teams and 4 mediators thus making it the semi-finals for the mediators and the quarter finals for the negotiators. This was followed by the next round which featured 4 negotiating teams and 2 mediators which means it was the final round for the mediators. The finals for the negotiating teams are then mediated by the winning mediator.

Day 2 – 18th July, 2018

2 preliminary rounds were held on this day and Yashraj Samant mediated his first round between teams from Singapore Management University (semi-finalist) and the Deakin University from Australia. It was an enthralling round with both teams playing heavily on positions as opposed to interests, making the mediation a challenging one. The 2nd round of the day for MNLU Mumbai was to mediate between the Istanbul ?ehir University from Turkey and University of Florence (Law School) from Italy. The cross-cultural differences were evident in this round and therefore, the mediator and the negotiators had to be mindful of the same. To get the teams on the same page was a huge challenge in this round. Yashraj received positive feedback from the expert assessors for his performance in both the rounds. The day culminated with another dinner planned to give a feel of Vienna.

Day 3 – 19th July, 2018

3rd preliminary round and the semi-finals for the mediators were held on this day. In the 3rd preliminary round, MNLU Mumbai was the mediator between the MGIMO-University, Russia (Eventual runners-up) and University at Buffalo, U.S.A. (Quarter-Finalists). This was a fantastic round and all the three teams involved received immense praise from the expert assessors.

The results for the preliminary rounds were declared and Yashraj Samant made it through to the semi-finals of the mediators ranking in as the 2nd best mediator of the preliminary rounds.

The next round was between University of New South Wales, Australia and Singapore Management University mediated by Yashraj. It was a grueling round with both teams flatly refusing to even discuss on the same issue. This was an intense round which called for a lot of innovative techniques being employed by the mediator. The mediator even called for a cross-caucus (a rare occurrence in mediation competitions) understanding the impending need for the same. This was heavily praised by the experts in their feedback. However, the parties were still adamant on playing on positions and forego their interests which resulted in a tense round overall.

Upon announcement of the results of the finalists and the evening reception, MNLU Mumbai was a shot away from the glory as it ended its run in the competition ranking in as the 3rd best mediator of the competition.

Day 4 – 20th July, 2018

The finals for the mediators and the finals for the negotiators were also held on this day. The finals involved MGIMO University, Russia and NLSIU Bangalore as the negotiators, mediated by SOAS London. SOAS London won the best mediator and NLSIU Bangalore was adjudged as the best negotiating team.

Key Takeaways – MNLU Mumbai and Yashraj Samant ranking as the 3rd best mediator of the competition is a true reflection of the strides that the University has made not only at the national but at the International level. This is the very first achievement for the University at an International Competition – one of the most prestigious in fact.

Some of the key observations which Yashraj identified during the course of those 4 days is that as mediator/negotiator, realizing and addressing the cross-cultural differences is one of the most important things. At a time, you are usually dealing with 6 different nationalities – 2 negotiators and 3 expert assessors and all of them have different likes and dislikes sometimes even conflicting ones. Being mindful and accommodative of all of those is a skill in itself and especially integral in an international competition of this kind.

Being unique as a mediator is also something that this competition really tests. How can one be unique and what can they bring to the table that others can’t which would make a mediation setting that much more effective is also something that needs to be kept in mind.

One thing which is unique to this competition is the kind of atmosphere in any given mediation round. In the 90 minute session, it is the truest reflection of a real-life mediation in any given competition. You face all the challenges that you do in a real-life situation.

The quality of expert assessors and participants is second to none at this competition. And having such an exclusive set of participants limited to 33 total teams also plays to the benefit of all as you have a lot of opportunity to build long-lasting professional relations and network incessantly. The frequent interactions with Partners from Internationally renowned firms such as Jones Day and Knoetzl can also be great for a legal aspirant. The involvement of the International Bar Association and the Vienna International Arbitral Centre is again, an added advantage. One can make the most of these competitions through networking and creating a pathway to their future.

Another aspect that was noticed was that every team was highly prepared for this competition with months of preparation and were accompanied by a coach. The importance of a coach cannot be stressed upon enough as s/he knows the participant inside-out and suggests minor tweaks in your style accordingly. A coach actually enables you to make the most of the feedback received from the assessors by incorporating it in your set-style.

The experience could potentially serve as the catalyst for the future successes of MNLU Mumbai at a global level in all the academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

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Centre for Clinical Legal Education (CCLE)

MNLU Mumbai  Centre for  Clinical Legal Education was established  on the basis of a recommendation from the Academic Council, in its meeting dated 23 April, 2016 and upon the approval of the same by the Executive Council resolution dated 12 August 2016. The CCLE is an imperative and integral component, inherent in modern legal education curriculum. The CCLE focuses on field-based learning exposure as well as campaigning for social justice. The CCLE also plays a role in supplying factual information for fine tuning policy and law in action.

  • Panel Discussion on Repeal of Laws: A panel discussion was organized by the University on 17th  February 2018  in collaboration with Centre for  Civil Society, Delhi. Mr. N J Jamadar, Principal Secretary, Law and Judiciary Department, Govt. of Maharashtra chaired the discussion. Hon’ble Vice Chancellor and other faculty members took part in the panel discussion as speakers. This followed from the Repeal of Law – Maharashtra Compendium prepared by our students.
  • Para Legal Volunteers (PLV) Training Programme: The University organised a three day Para Legal Volunteers (PLV) Training Programme from 30 October to 1 November 2017 conducted by Maharashtra State Legal Services Authority (MSLSA) and District Legal Services Authority (DLSA), Mumbai.

The topics undertaken during the course of the training programme are basic listening & communication skills, family laws, property law, criminal laws, labour laws, Maternity Benefits Act 1961, PCPNDT and gender centric laws. The lecture series were conducted by distinguished  luminaries of the field of law,  medicine like Adv. Najmusaher  Azadi, Dr. Kavita Lalchandani, Adv. Vasant Bhange, Mrs. Shirin Sanju Lokhande, Dr. Rajashree Katke and Adv. Aileen Marques. In order to have practical experience the students were taken on field visit as a part of the PLV Program to Prison, Police Station and District Legal Services Authority.

  • Survey at  Popharan and Akkarpati District Palghar on 06th March 2018

Maharashtra National Law University Mumbai was entrusted with the work of monitoring the implementation of directions of Hon’ble Bombay High Court, Judicature at Mumbai. Under the guidance of Hon’ble Vice Chancellor and Registrar a questionnaire was prepared and visit  was scheduled  to  affected  villages.  Questionnaire contained  questions pertaining  to socio-economic status of the villagers, compensation, basic civic amenities and other issues pertaining to housing etc. The maps of both the villages showed 1250 (approx) plots of land. These 1250 (approx) plots were divided in 50 (Approx) clusters. Accordingly 50 groups (two students/staff in each group) were identified.

On 6th March 2018 visit was conducted with 124 (Approx) members of the University. All the plots (occupied or unoccupied) were surveyed. Besides this surveyors made observations about the availability and sufficiency of civic amenities in the villages. Observations made by the surveyors were on the factors which are requisite for total rehabilitation. Accordingly observations were made by surveyors to see whether principle of total rehabilitation was honoured in letter and spirit.  .

Centre for Research in Criminal Justice (CRCJ)

The University in its endeavour to promote and advance national and comparative research in the area of criminal justice has set up the Centre for Research in Criminal Justice (CRCJ) on 13th January 2018. The CRCJ has been inaugurated by Hon’ble Justice Naresh Patil (Judge, Bombay High Court) and Hon’ble Justice A.S. Oka (Judge, Bombay High Court) in the presence  of  Shri  Ashutosh  Kumbhakoni  (Advocate General,  State  of  Maharashtra),  Dr. Milind Sathe, (Advocate and President, Bombay Bar Association) and other legal luminaries from Bar and  academia.  Prof.  (Dr.)  Bhavani Prasad  Panda,  Vice  Chancellor  of MNLU Mumbai is the maiden Director of CRCJ.

With the Centre dedicated to the study of criminal justice, the University will contribute to policy making by engaging with the institutionalised structures administering the criminal law. It will strive to be at the centre- stage of policy formulations to assist the functionaries of the CJS in identifying the national priorities to deal with domestic and transnational issues.

  • 1st Roundtable on ‘Challenges to Criminal Justice Administration in the State of Maharashtra’  on  13th   January  2018:  A  Roundtable  was  organized  involving different stakeholders in the criminal justice system. The roundtable was presided by Hon’ble Justice A.S. Oka. The various issues were identified wherein research in criminal justice is required. It was resolved that further roundtable will be conducted involving prison and police officials, respectively.
  • One Day Workshop on Transnational Crimes with Special Focus on Human Trafficking: The CRCJ commemorated the University Day on 20th March 2018 by organising a One day workshop on ‘Transnational Crimes with Special Focus on Human Trafficking’. The inauguration function was presided by Dr. Bhagwantrao More (IPS Retd.), Acting Chairperson Maharashtra State Human Rights Commission. Other dignitaries who graced the inauguration were Mr. M.A. Sayeed, Member, Maharashtra State Human Rights Commission; Prashant Burde (IPS) Joint Commissioner of Police, Navi Mumbai; Mr. Sukhwinder Singh (IPS) Inspector General of Police, Force -1, Maharashtra, Dr. PM Nair (IPS Retd.), Former DG, NDRF & CD, Government of India.

The workshop was divided into five technical sessions. More than 100 participants registered for the workshop from all over India.  Dr. Srinivas Burra, Dr. PM Nair, Dr. Aman Hingorani, Michael Yangad  and  Dr.  Sarfaraz  Ahmed  Khan  were  the  key resource  persons  for  the technical session.

Miscellaneous activities

  • South Asia-Pacific Rounds of The NILS Business & Human Rights Moot Court Competition (6th -7th January 2018): The Network for International Law Students (NILS) Business Human Rights Moot Court Competition (South Asia Pacific Qualifying Rounds) was held at Maharashtra National law University (MNLU) Mumbai on 7th January, 2018. The event witnessed the participation of teams from all across South Asia, representing the top law schools of their respective countries.
  • 18 Hours Training Program on Mediation and Negotiation (28th to 30th January 2018): This programme was conducted in collaboration with Peace Keeping and Conflict Resolution Team (PACT). The Course was conducted by international experts in the field viz., Catherine Davidson, Jonathan Rodrigues, Nisshant Laroia and Chirag Balyan. The Training Program provided a great opportunity to the young professionals, students and lawyers to hone their skills in the concept of Consensual Dispute Resolution (CDR). The program bestowed the participants with the core mediation & negotiation skills through a variety of simulations. Students and professionals pan India participated in the programme.
  • Conference on “Regulatory Challenges to Business in India” – March 31, 2018: The University organised a national conference on “Regulatory Challenges to Business in India” on March 31, 2018. The central theme of the Conference revolved around contemporary corporate, commercial and regulatory issues affecting business in India. The current core corporate and commercial law aspects including latest amendments in corporate laws viz. Companies Amendment Bill, 2017, Insolvency Amendment Bill, 2017, Intellectual property regulations in companies and trade, ADR in corporate set up, banking and financial regulations, competition law and other major corporate law issues, are scheduled to be discussed. We received an active participation from all strata including students, researchers, academicians, judges and corporate law practitioners. Hon’ble Justice Shri R.D. Dhanuka (Bombay High Court) was the chief guest of the occassion. Further, Mr. Bharat Budholia (Partner, Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas, Mumbai), Mr. Abhianyu Bhattacharya (Partner, Khaitan & Co.), Ms. Meera Sanyal (Former CEO & Chairman, Royal Bank of Scotland for India) and Ms. Mahua Roy Chowdhary (Founder Partner, Royzz & Co.) were the resource persons for the conference.
  • Round table Discussion on Establishment of the Centre of Excellence in Maritime Law and Allied Matters urganised by Maharashtra National Law University Mumbai in association with Directorate General of Shipping- 7th May, 2018.
  • State Level Round table Discussion on “Implementation of the Transplantation of Human Organs and Tissues Act, 1994” organised by The Regional and State Organ and Tissue Transplant Organisation (ROTTO-SOTTO) Western Region and Maharashtra National Law University Mumbai.
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Moot Court Competitions

  • National Human Rights Commission, Delhi in association with Sikkim Government Law College, SGLC organised NHRC-SGLC ALL INDIA MOOT COURT COMPETITION 2018. Our students Navneeta Shankar, Shraddha Chakraborty and Snehal Dhote (all first year students) stood first defeating 16 teams. Along with that, Navneeta Shankar was adjudged as the BEST SPEAKER and Snehal Dhote as the BEST RESEARCHER. Two senior advocates and a former Judge of Sikkim High Court were the judges in the final round. The senior judge gifted the team with his honorarium for their excellent performance.
  • The team comprising of 1st year students, Gauri Pasricha, Kashvi Shetty and Mukund Joshi reached the Semi Finals of the 2nd Gurjeet Singh Memorial National Moot Court Competition.  It  was  held  and  organised  by  National  Law  University  and Judicial Academy, Assam on 20-22 April, 2018. They managed to beat 24 teams. Mukund Joshi was adjudged as the Best Researcher in the competition.
  • The team  comprising  of  3rd  year  students,  Gatha  Shivhare,  Karan  Shelke  and Shantanu Sharma reached the finals of the 7th RGNUL National Moot Court Competition. The competition was held & organised by Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law from March 30 to April 1, 2018. They managed to beat 63 teams including all the major NLUs around the country and bagged a Runners Up trophy in the Final round
  • The team comprising of Neelabh Bist, Sara Jain, Swapnil Singh, Jai Sanyal and Arnav Maru reached  the quarter  finals of the ICC Moot  Court  Competition 2018  India National Rounds, held and organised by National Law University, Delhi on 16-19 March, 2018. They broke at 6th place after which they faced NUJS and NLS in the quarters. They beat NLS but lost to NUJS by a small margin.
  • The team comprising of 1st year students Karthika Rajmohan, Nilay Shah and Puru Medhira reached the semi finals of the 2nd Maharishi Markandeshwar (Deemed to be University) National Moot Court Competition held and organised by the same in Amabal on 11th to 13th April, 2018. They came second in the preliminary rounds comprising of 16 teams in total.
  • Snehal Kanzarkar (3rd year), Aakanksha Begani(2nd year) and Deeksha (2nd Year) participated in the 14th Nani Palkhivala Memorial National Taxation Moot Court Competition 2018 hosted by SASTRA University from 06-08April 2018 and were adjudged as the semi-finalists in the same.
  • Team of Sidra Ahmad, Shiv Sharma and Sriram Prasad have been adjudged the semi- finalists at the Osmania University Moot Court Competition, Hyderabad held from 12 to 14 April, 2018
  • A team of students namely, Pratik Irpatgire, Devashish Giri and Ashmita Sharma were Semi Finalists in the 8th Paras Diwan Memorial International Energy Law Moot Court Competition organised by UPES Dehradun on 6-8 April 2018.
  • A team of Shantanu Sharma (speaker), Karan Shelke (speaker) and Gatha Shivhare (researcher) was adjudicated as Runners Up in the 7th RGNUL National Moot Court Competition out of 63 teams.
  • A team of Mr.  Aditya Prakash (speaker),  Ms.  Pranhita Singh (speaker)  and  Mr. Piyush Langade (researcher) represented the University in the 17th Henry Dunant Moot Court Competition from 21st September to 24th September 2017.

Performance: 1.) Semi-finalists; 2.) Best Researcher – Mr. Piyush Langade

  • Challenger for National Rounds of 22nd Annual International Environmental Moot Court Competition, Stetson University on 3rd September 2017.

Team selected: Avani Gupta (speaker), Yahraj Samant (speaker) and Rohan Kharche (researcher).

The team represented the University at the National Rounds of 22nd Annual International Environmental Moot Court Competition, Stetson University from 24th November to 26th November 2017.

Alternate Dispute Resolution Competitions

  • National Law School of India University, Bangalore organised the IV Negotiation Mediation Client Counseling Competition (NLS NMC) from 10th to 13th May, 2018. Our students, Vrindam Nagpal and Saisha Bacha stood first in the Negotiation Competition having beaten 26 teams. As winners they now qualify to represent the University at the International Rounds at Cardiff, Wales, 2018.
  • National Law School of India University, Bangalore organised the IV Negotiation Mediation Client Counseling Competition (NLS NMC) from 10th to 13th May, 2018. Our students, Gauri Pasricha and Jai Sanyal stood first in the Mediation Competition (Client-Attorney pair) having beaten 27 teams from all across the country and they defeated students from National University of Singapore in the final round. As winners they now are the only team to qualify directly for the 14th ICC Mediation at Paris to be held in 2019.
  • Smriti Shandil, (a second year student) participated in the IV RMLNLU National Mediation Competition, 2018, as a Mediator. She was the second runner up, and semi-finalist for the same. The competition was held from the 19th of January to the 21st of January 2018.There were 32 other participants for the Mediation segment.
  • Team of  Aditya   Pandey  and   Pranhita   Singh   won  the   National  Negotiation Competition   at   the   2nd   VIPS   Dispute   Resolution   and   Client   Consultation Competition, Delhi, organised on 6th and 7th April in Delhi.
  • Arushi Gupta and Parina Muchhala (first  years)  were the quarter finalists of the National Mediation Rounds at the 2nd VIPS Dispute Resolution and Client Consultation Competition, Delhi, organised on 6th and 7th April in Delhi.
  • Challenger  for  Louis  M.   Brown  and  Forrest  S.  Mosten  International  Client Consultation Competition

The ADR Society conducted the Challenger on the 14th  of January, 2018 for the selection of team to represent the University in the three day Louis M. Brown and Forrest S. Mosten International Client Consultation Competition (National Round) selections at ICFAI Law School, Hyderabad. The topics for the challenger are Tort and Consumer Law, and Contract Law (as provided in the official guidelines of the Original Competition). The team of two third year students, Riya Thakare and Saisha Singh emerged as the winners of the Challenger and participated in the competition at Hyderabad from 19th to 21st January, 2018. Here, the team was ranked 10th out of the total number of 32 teams, and their performance was appreciated by the judges.

  • 3rd Lex Infinitum International Dispute Resolution Competition

The V.M. Salgaocar College in Miramar, Goa in collaboration with World Mediation Organization   (WMO)   organised   the   3rd   Lex   Infinitum  International   Dispute Resolution Competition from 10th to 13th January, 2018. A total of 60 institutes from around the world had applied, from which – 24 were selected as participants. It was matter of great pride and honour as Maharashtra National law University Mumbai was also selected from a host of reputed institutes. The team of three, Yashraj Samant (Mediator), Jai Sanyal and SaishaBacha (Negotiating Team) represented MNLU Mumbai at this prestigious competition. The team performed well at the competition and bagged the following prizes:

Runner-up Mediator Lex Infinitum, 2018 – Yashraj Samant

Upcoming Negotiating Team Lex Infinitum, 2018 – Jai Sanyal and Saisha D. Bacha

Literary and Debating Competitions

  • Kartik Gupta and Puru Medhira won 1st Prize in the debating competition named Adhikar held at IIT Bombay on 20-21 January 2018. This competition was a part of their Annual Social Fest Abhyuday.

Cultural Competitions

The students won many accolades at the NUJS Kolkata’s Cultural Fest.

Slam poetry competition: Second Prize – Vanshika Dubey.

Spotlight, dramatics competition: First  Prize  – Vanshika Dubey, Snehal Dhote, Kartik Gupta, Sajal Gupta, Arushi Gupta, Diya Dutta, Mahima Zamindar and Mudit Mahajan.

Mad Ads: Second Prize -Vanshika Dubey, Snehal Dhote, Mudit Mahajan, Diya Dutta, Kartik Gupta and Sajal Gupta.

The Great Kolkata Race, Treasure Hunt: First Prize – Snehal Dhote, Arushi Gupta and Aditya Tannu.