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The Delhi High Court directed the Government to issue a circular to the effect that in case of any minor’s guardian or family approaching any Registered Medical Practitioner (RMP) for termination of pregnancy of the minor, the identity of the minor, guardian, or the family, should not be disclosed in the RMP’s report to the police, if a request to that effect was made by the guardian or the family to the RMP.

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“A person’s image constitutes one of the chief attributes of his or her personality as it reveals the person’s unique characteristics and distinguishes the person from others. The right to the protection of one’s image is thus one of the essential components of personal development and mainly presupposes that person’s control over the use of that image, including the right to refuse publication of it.”

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by Dr Srikant Parthasarathy* and Amirthalakshmi R**

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CBSE cannot put fetters on its duties so as to cause grave prejudice to the students with legitimate causes for changing their certificates.

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As reported by the media, the three police officers who were dealing with Pollachi sexual assault case and had revealed the identity

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Reported by Syed Haroon

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“Every attempt should be made by all the courts not to disclose the identity of the rape victim in terms of Section