2023 SCC Vol. 10 Part 3
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Central Vigilance Commission Act, 2003 — S. 25 r/w FR 56 — Tenure of Director of Enforcement: Permissibility of continuation of tenure

2023 scc vol. 7 part 3
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Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 — S. 31(7)(a) — Award of interest: Principles clarified relating to validity of award of interest, when

change in law
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Supreme Court has requested the Union of India along with Ministry of Power to evolve a mechanism so as to ensure timely payment by the DISCOMS to the Generating Companies, which would avoid huge carrying cost to be passed over to the end consumers.

adani power
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The Supreme Court opined that it is unjust on the part of Haryana Utilities to say that 70% of the installed capacity should be further bifurcated and the Change in Law benefit should be restricted only to 70% of the installed capacity.

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The Supreme Court upheld the judgement passed by the APTEL after observing that the generating companies were entitled to compensation so as to restore them to the same economic position, if the Change in Law had not occurred.

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APPELLATE TRIBUNAL FOR ELECTRICITY (ATE) Bureau of Energy Efficiency takes suo motu verification test on a sample refrigerator of Whirlpool India and

Appellate Tribunal for Electricity
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The interest in ‘carrying cost' is nothing but time value for money and the only way a party can be afforded the benefit of restitution in every which way.

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Supreme Court:  In the issue involving the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) entered into by the Government and the Adani Enterprises, where the