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On 26-6-2024, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways notified the Central Motor Vehicles (Eighth Amendment) Rules, 2024 to amend the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989. The provisions came into force on 28-6-2024,

Key Points:

  1. The following definitions have been inserted:

    • “Category L2-5”- is a 3 wheeled motor vehicle, with a 2-wheeler 3-wheeler combination module, constructed in a way that a two-wheeled vehicle of category L2 is combined with a non-self-propelled rear module unit.

    • “Category L2- 5M”- these vehicles, on account of the technical features, intend to carry passengers.

    • “Category L2- 5N”- these vehicles, on account of the technical features, intend to carry goods.

  2. Rule 50 relating to “Form and manner of display of registration marks on the motor vehicles” has been revised.

    • A single registration will be allotted for both configurations of L2- 5 category of vehicles.

    • Dimensions for plate for L2-5 category of vehicle shall be 200 X 100 mm.

  3. Rule 122 relating to “Embossment of the Chassis number and Engine number or in the case of Battery-Operated Vehicles, motor number and month of manufacture” has been revised according to the identification number including month and year of manufacture, embossed or punched should be in accordance with AIS 177:2021.

  4. Rule 125 P has been inserted which states that all L2- 5 category of vehicles should conform with the requirements specified in AIS 177:2021.

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