Assam detention camps

Supreme Court: In a case regarding the condition of Assam’s detention centres used for lodging those with doubtful citizenship and those deemed foreigners by tribunals, the division bench of Abhay S Oka and Ujjal Bhuyan, JJ. while noting that the 17 persons have no pending cases against them, directed the Central government to take immediate steps to deport 17 foreigners currently detained in camps in Assam.

The Court noted that as per the report there is a detention centre also known as a transit camp in Assam. There are 17 declared foreigners detained in the detention centre out of which four have spent two years.

The Bench viewed that the Union must take immediate steps for deporting these 17 foreigners as there is no offence registered against them. Priority should be given to the 4 persons detained for 2 years.

Concerning the procedure for deportation of those without pending proceedings, the Court questioned the Union that once the foreigners tribunals have given a finding, what is the next step. Is there a deportation treaty with the neighboring country, or if they have to be sent back how will they be without a treaty, as they cannot be kept in the centres.

The matter will next be taken up on 26-07-2024.

Source: Press

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