Advocates Day

Every year  Advocates Day is celebrated on December 03, 2023 in observance of Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Independent India’s first president and a highly esteemed lawyer. Advocates Day serves as a reminder of the vital role legal professionals play in the administration of justice as well as their dedication to preserving the rule of law. It’s also a chance to emphasize the value of professionalism, legal ethics, and lawyers’ obligations to guarantee that everyone has access to the justice system. Advocates Day is significant because it offers the legal community a period for introspection, acknowledgment, and celebration. In essence, celebrating Advocates Day in modern times is a way to honor the legal profession, promote legal awareness, and reflect on the evolving role of lawyers in a changing society. It’s an occasion to reaffirm the commitment to justice, ethics, and the rule of law.

Reflections from Legal Experts on Advocates Day

“Advocates are meant to protect access to justice, and the talisman Gandhiji gave, should be applied. Always think of the most marginalised, even as we legitimately build our careers.”

Nitya Ramakrishnan,

Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India

“It’s important for advocates to constantly remind ourselves that we are called to the bar to uphold the law and the dignity of the legal system and should conduct ourselves, both in and outside the Court, keeping this responsibility in mind.”

Rajshekhar Rao,

Senior Advocate, Delhi High Court

“As an Advocate, integrity is not optional, it is a given. We should remember our dual duty, to both, court and client and ensure we fulfil both without fear or favour.”

Vijayendra Pratap Singh,

Senior Partner and Head of Practise (Dispute Resolution),

AZB & Partners, New Delhi

“The ability to exercise our rights comes from the knowledge they exists. As lawyers, we are in a unique position to help people enjoy their rights in a manner that allows them to live their lives with freedom and dignity.”

Nandini Khaitan,

Partner at Khaitan & Co.

“Law and justice keep a society intact. Advocates, as architects of justice, play a crucial role in ensuring this. On Advocate’s Day, we honor the guardians of truth, champions of fairness, and defenders of the voiceless. In their tireless pursuit for upholding justice, advocates remind us that justice is not just a concept but a way of life.”

Jai Anant Dehadrai,

Advocate, Supreme Court of India

“Advocacy is a profound responsibility, shaping the destinies of individuals, families, society, and the nation. With no fixed hours or fees, advocates navigate a rigorous path, connecting diverse facets of society, blending legal expertise with genuine connection for the pursuit of justice.”

Namit Saxena,

Advocate on Record, Supreme Court of India

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