2023 SCC Vol. 9 Part 1

Administrative Law — Subordinate/Delegated Legislation — Judicial Review/Validity of Subordinate/Delegated Legislation — Specific Pleadings — Necessity: For striking down statutory provision or declaring any rule as ultra vires, specific pleading to challenge rules and asking for such relief ought to be made. [Union of India v. Manjurani Routray, (2023) 9 SCC 144]

Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 — Ss. 34 and 37 — Jurisdiction under — Scope and ambit of — Award: Mere possibility of an alternative view on facts or interpretation of contract does not entitle courts to reverse the findings of Arbitral Tribunal. [Konkan Railway Corpn. Ltd. v. Chenab Bridge Project, (2023) 9 SCC 85]

Armed Forces — Penalty/Punishment — Proportionality: Order of dismissal for habitual unauthorised absence, sustainable. [Madan Prasad v. Union of India, (2023) 9 SCC 100]

Constitution of India — Arts. 239-AA and 309 and Sch. VII List II Entry 41 and Arts. 73 and 162 — Unique constitutional scheme of governance for NCTD: Scope, nature and manner of exercise of legislative and executive power under Sch. VII List II Entry 41 r/w Arts. 239-AA and 309, by Government of NCTD vis-à-vis Central Government, explained in detail. [State (NCT of Delhi) v. Union of India, (2023) 9 SCC 1]

Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 — S. 319 — Summoning of additional accused: No requirement of opportunity of hearing a person summoned under S. 319 CrPC before being added as an accused to face the trial. [Yashodhan Singh v. State of U.P., (2023) 9 SCC 108]

Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 — S. 319 — Summoning of additional accused: Where power under S. 319 found to be exercised properly by court concerned, in such a situation, order summoning under S. 319 could not he assailed only on purely academic grounds which did not affect the validity of the summoning order. [Ram Janam Yadav v. State of U.P., (2023) 9 SCC 130]

Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Rules, 2020 — Rr. 2(7), 4(7) & (9), 5 and 12 — Support Person — Role, duties and responsibilities: Legal entitlement to avail services of support person, explained. Directions issued to take action, frame rules/guidelines with respect to support persons ecosystem for eligibility, selection, appointment, training, pay, career advancement, etc. [Bachpan Bachao Andolan v. Union of India, (2023) 9 SCC 133]

Service Law — Termination of Service — Natural justice — Compliance — Necessity: As termination of services of appellant probationers without holding proper enquiry and granting opportunity of hearing, termination order declared illegal and set aside. Where allegation of misconduct constitutes foundation of action taken, held, termination of service by competent authority can be nullified on ground of violation of natural justice. [Amar Kumar v. State of Bihar, (2023) 9 SCC 160]

Service Law — Termination of Service — Simpliciter or punitive — Discharge — Simpliciter or Punitive: In this case of probationer respondent constable was discharged under R. 12.21, PPR, 1934 finding that he was not likely to become efficient police officer. It was held that no foundation of misconduct was alleged in discharge order, and thus was discharge simpliciter. [State of Punjab v. Jaswant Singh, (2023) 9 SCC 150]

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