allahabad high court
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Allahabad High Court has said that notice under Section 263 was prepared and uploaded on 28-03-2022 and the same was received on the fixed date and the impugned order dated 31-03-2022 has been passed in gross violation of the principles of natural justice.

delhi high court
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Delhi High Court observed that what ultimately turned decisive was a voluntary acknowledgment by the appellant-professor of his acts of indiscretion in getting attracted by the charms of a young female student.

orissa high court
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When it comes to the curtailment of the liberty of a person, it becomes incumbent for the Court to follow the principles of natural justice by giving the opportunity of hearing to the accused

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The Court observed that the recommendations made by an Expert Committee are not binding on the NGT, they are only by way of assistance to enable the NGT to arrive at a correct decision in the matter.

2023 scc vol. 6 part 1
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Administrative Law — Natural Justice — Generally — Nature, Scope and Applicability: Meaning and Constituents of principles of natural justice in general,

singapore international commercial court
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“Acausal nexus must be established between the breach of Natural Justice and the award made. An inquiry should be made as to whether the breach was merely technical and inconsequential or whether it has resulted in denial of benefit to the Tribunal to decide on crucial evidences.”

national company law appellate tribunal
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NCLAT set aside the NCLT’s order and remitted back the matter to NCLT to examine the same after hearing both the parties.

Media One News
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The Supreme Court held that the critical views of the Media One News Channel on Government policies cannot be termed ‘anti-establishment’ as the use of such a terminology in itself, represents an expectation that the press must support the establishment.

Sealed Cover
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Observing that the sealed cover procedure violates both principles of natural justice and open justice, the Supreme Court has held that the public interest immunity proceeding is a less restrictive means to deal with non-disclosure on the grounds of public interest and confidentiality.

Allahabad High Court
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Allahabad High Court said that the proceedings against the petitioner based only on inspection report is arbitrary.

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The Supreme Court observed that principles of natural justice should be necessarily read into the provisions of the Master Directions on Frauds, to save it from the vice of arbitrariness.

Gujarat High Court
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Gujarat High Court observed that due to COVID-19 lockdown it was impossible for the petitioner to get Form-F and denying adjournment after taking note of this fact results in breach of principle of natural justice.

Delhi High Court
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The Court has a duty to ensure compliance with the principles of natural justice and when an award has been passed without complying with the mandatory principles of natural justice, this Court being the custodian of rights and liberties of parties must take its guard to correct the infirmities which have already been carried out.

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Upon the invitation of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR), Symbiosis Law School, Pune, a constituent of Symbiosis International

Delhi High Court
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Whether or not an employee should be permitted to retire in accordance with the Scheme in the event that the Scheme itself provides for retirement to become effective upon completion of the notice period. The VRS that was implemented by the Department is, in essence, an expression of the Department’s aim to prune the overstaffed positions.

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    Bombay High Court: The Division Bench of M. S. Sonak and Bharat P. Deshpande, JJ., quashed the impugned order of

Rajasthan High Court
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It suffered from non-application of mind and was in violation of mandatory requirement of section 75 (6) of the CGST Act.

High Court of the Republic of Singapore
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“Despite the claimants’ assertion that they seek only to examine the Constitution, the true subject matter of the present application is the propriety of the claimants’ convictions, which were the remit of their respective cases in the High Court and Court of Appeal. This application for permission amounts to a collateral attack on the earlier criminal decisions.”

Armed Forces Tribunal
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AFT held that there was no violation of principles of natural justice while discharging the applicant from service. Further, there is no place for generosity or misplaced sympathy on the part of the judicial forums particularly in the matter of recruitment and employment in a sensitive establishment like the Armed Forces.

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by Dhruv S. Patel*