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On 05-07-2023, the Supreme Court Collegium has recommended the appointment of Justice Ujjal Bhuyan, Chief Justice, High Court for the State of Telangana; and Justice S Venkatanarayana Bhatti, Chief Justice, High Court of Kerala, to the Supreme Court of India.

The recommendation came in the light of the existing three vacancies that arose after the retirement of Justice K.M Joseph, Justice Ajay Rastogi and Justice V. Ramasubramanian in the month of June.

While recommending appointments to the Supreme Court, the Collegium took into consideration the following aspects:

a. The seniority of Chief Justices and senior puisne Judges in their respective parent High Courts as well as overall seniority of the High Court Judges;

b. The merit, performance and integrity of the judges under consideration; and

c. The need to ensure diversity and inclusion in the Supreme Court by:

(i) representation of High Courts which are not represented or are inadequately represented, in the Supreme Court;

(ii) appointment of persons from marginalized and backward segments of society;

(iii) gender diversity; and

(iv) representation of minorities.

About Justice Ujjal Bhuyan

Justice Ujjal Bhuyan was appointed as a judge of the Gauhati High Court on 17-10- 2011. The senior-most judge of his parent High Court, Justice Bhuyan is presently serving as Chief Justice of the High Court for the State of Telangana since 28-06- 2022 and while he holds significant experience in diverse fields of law, he has specialisation and domain knowledge in the law of taxation. He has also served as a judge of the Bombay High Court. Justice Bhuyan is a judge with a good reputation for integrity and competence.

In conversation with Justice Ujjal Bhuyan on his journey from Bar to Bench

About Justice S Venkatanarayana Bhatti

Justice S Venkatanarayana Bhatti was appointed as a Judge of the High Court of Andhra Pradesh on 12-04- 2013 and is the seniormost in his parent High Court. He was transferred to the High Court of Kerala in March 2019 and is presently serving as Chief Justice there since 01-06- 2023.

It is noteworthy that the High Court of Andhra Pradesh does not have any representation on the Bench of the Supreme Court since August 2022. He also commands a good reputation and possesses integrity and competence.

Know Thy Judge | 37th Chief Justice of Kerala High Court: Justice S.V. Bhatti

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