Ministry of Consumer Affairs

On 6-3-2023, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution notified the Hallmarking of Gold Jewellery and Gold Artefacts (Amendment) Order, 2023 to amend the Hallmarking of Gold Jewellery and Gold Artefacts Order, 2020. The provisions came into force on 6-3-2023.

Clause 2 of the Order relates to Compulsory selling of precious metals articles of gold marked with Hallmark through certified sales outlets, in the same regard sub-clause (2A) has been inserted that restrains anyone to sell/ display/ offer to sell any gold jewellery or gold artefacts that is not hallmarked in accordance with the standards specified by Bureau of Indian Standards (‘BIS’) in Notification dated 7-7-2021 as mentioned below:


Sl No.

No., Year & Title of the Indian Standard

No. And Month/Year of the Amendment

Date of Establishment of the Amendment

Date till which the standard without the amendment as mentioned in column 3 shall remain in force


IS 1417: 2016 Gold and Gold Alloys, Jewellery /Artefacts – Fineness and Marking – Specification (Fourth Revision)

Amendment No. 1 July, 2021

7 July, 2021

7 July, 2021

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