Bengaluru Rural and Urban 1st Additional District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum: While deciding the instant complaint raising the issue of deficient service provided by the BYJU's learning app, the coram comprising of H.R. Srinivas (President), Y.S. Thammanna and Sharavathi S.M (Members), upon perusal of the facts revealing such deficiency in rendering service and the consequent mental agony and harassment to the complainants; directed Think and Learn Pvt. Ltd. (provider of BYJU's learning app) to refund the amount spent to purchase the app (Rs 99,000) along with interest at 12% per annum from the date of receipt of the amount. The opposite party was also directed to pay a sum of Rs.25,000 as damages, and Rs 5,000 towards litigation expenses.

Facts of the case: The complainants had purchased a BYJU's learning package for Rs 99,000 from its representatives. During payment via credit card, the opposite party (hereinafter OP) had informed that payment will be converted into EMI. The complainants received a payment link from the OP and paid Rs 99,000 on 25-07-2021. However, after the payment, the amount was not converted into EMI. Additionally, the OP had assured that they will provide two Samsung tabs worth Rs.25,000 each for the course but instead, they provided Lenovo M8 and M10 tabs, worth Rs.10,000 each.

The complainants were also dissatisfied with the quality of learning provided by the app and tried to cancel the subscription by sending an email. The OP responded that their issue would be resolved within 24 hours. However, even after several months, the issue remained unresolved, thus, the complainant filed a complaint under Section 35 of the Consumer Protection Act, 2019 for deficiency of service and sought refund along with compensation for the same.

Issues: Whether the complainants have proved deficiency in service on the part of the opposite party and whether there is any entitlement to the relief prayed for in the complaint?

Analysis and Decision:

Upon analysing the facts and evidence, the Court observed that the representatives of OP had ensured the complainants that in case the student is not fully satisfied with the working of the learning app or in the event of an issue, the entire amount will be returned without any deduction, but despite multiple requests, the OP had failed to cancel the subscription and refund. Additionally, the OP had provided different tabs than what they had assured to provide. Thus, the above-stated acts amount to deficiency on part of the OP in rendering service to the complainants.

The Court also observed that despite service of notice, the OP neither appeared before the commission nor filed any reply, so, the claims made by the complainant have gone un-rebutted and un-challenged. Given the absence of legal representation from the opposite party, the Commission passed the instant Order ex-parte.

[Madhusudhana B v. Think and Learn Pvt Ltd., Complaint Case No. CC/423/2021, decided on 10-05-2022]

Advocates who appeared in this case :


Opposite party- Ex-parte

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  • do they give refunds to the students

  • do the students will get refund if anything happens to byjus please let me know

  • consumer court
    ALL concerned
    I had filled consumer case in 2017
    Judgement was given in 2019
    Judgement said refund money received from complainant with interest
    Pay for litigation and harassments rs 10000 in one month or 9% interest will be added
    Accused failed to comply court order
    After three months we filled case under execution 25 and 27 in 2019 asking relief of all our dues pending till the date he pays , RS 5 lacks for harassments and mental torture and to make good for legal expense
    IN march 23 he compensated all amount which were due to us and rest relief pending
    though we have not asked for relief of cancellation of deed ,the opponent is demanding for same though case is going on.
    The sale deed was registered in 2014
    Can expert guide how to go with same

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