The Government of Gujarat has issued the Code on Wages (Gujarat) Rules, 2021 vide notification dated October 5, 2021.

Key provisions under the Rules are:

  • The Code will supersede-
    1. The Payment of Wages (Procedure) Rules, 1937;
    2. The Gujarat Payment of Wages Rules, 1963;
  • The Gujarat Payment of Wages (Unclaimed Amounts) Rules, 1963;
    1. The Gujarat Payment of Wages Deductions for National Defence Fund and Defence Savings Scheme) Rules, 1964;
    2. The Payment of Wages (Manner of recovery of excess deductions) Rules, 1967;
    3. The Gujarat Minimum Wages Rules, 1961;
  • The Ease of Compliance to Maintain Registers under various Labour Laws (Gujarat) Rules, 2017 to the extent these rules are made in exercise of the powers conferred by Section 26 of the Payment of Wages Act, 1948.
  • Minimum Wages: Chapter II of the Rules prescribes provisions with respect to minimum wages, which includes:
    1. The manner of calculating minimum rate of wages.
    2. The norms will be fixed for minimum rate of wages.
  • Revision of wages
    1. The time interval for revision of dearness allowance.
    2. The number of hours of work which will constitute a normal working day.
    3. The weekly day of rest and Night shifts.
  • Payment of Wages: Chapter III of the Rules constitute provisions with respect to payment of wages, which includes:
    1. Recovery of Wages
    2. The manner of exhibiting the notice
  • Intimation of deduction
  1. Procedure for deduction
  • State Advisory Board: Chapter IV of the Rules prescribes provisions for constitution of state advisory board its functions, quorum, meetings etc.
  • Payment of Dues and Claims: Chapter V of the Rules provides the provisions for payment of dues and claims, which includes:
    1. Deposit of the undisbursed dues.
    2. Payment under clause (a) of sub-section (1) of section 44.
  • Manner of dealing with the undisbursed dues.
  • Forms, registers and wage slips: Chapter VI of the Rules prescribe provisions for Forms, registers and wage slips.

*Tanvi Singh, Editorial Assistant has reported this brief.

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