Gujarat High Court’s Full Court rejects Yatin Oza’s apology and denied to re-confer him Senior Designation.

On 21-07-2020, Senior Advocate Yatin Oza was stripped off his Senior Advocate designation as a consequence of his attempt to cause damage to the prestige of the Gujarat High Court.

Following allegations were made by the President of GHCAA against the registry of Gujarat High Court:

  1. corrupt practices being adopted by the registry of the High Court of Gujarat,
  2. undue favour is shown to high-profile industrialist and smugglers and traitors,
  3. The High Court functioning is for influential and rich people and their advocates,
  4. The billionaires walk away with order from the High Court in two days whereas the poor and non VIPs need to suffer,
  5. if the litigants want to file any matter in the High Court person has to be either Mr Khambhata or the builder or the company. This also was circulated in Gujarati daily Sandesh titled as ‘Gujarat HighCourt has become a gambling den – Yatin Oza’

Gujarat High Court by 09-06-2020 observed that,

President by his scandalous expressions and indiscriminate as well as baseless utterances attempted to cause damage to the prestige of the High Court and attempted to lower the image of Administration, thus Court found him responsible for committing the criminal contempt of this Court under Section 2(c) of Contempt of Courts Act and took cognizance of the same under Section 15 of the said Act.

Later, the Supreme Court of India on 06-08-2020, while deferring the matter for 2 weeks, said that

“as a leader of the Bar and as a senior member, a far greater responsibility is expected of him to not only be more restrained but also to guide the younger lawyers in these difficult times.”

[Story to be updated]

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