No malafide or violation of statutory rules found in transfer order of petitioner, petition dismissed

Madhya Pradesh High Court: Petitioner had filed this petition before a Single Judge Bench comprising of Vandana Kasrekar, J., against the order of respondents where petitioner’s representation with regard to his transfer was rejected.

Facts of the case are that petitioner was working on the post of Patwari and was also the President of the District Unit of the “Patwari Association”. Petitioner was transferred in response of which he filed representation to cancel the transfer on the ground that his wife was seriously ill and he himself was suffering from 40 percent of physical disability. Since no action was taken, a writ petition was filed and respondents were directed to reply to representation made by petitioner thereafter the representation was rejected and his services were transferred. Again petitioner submitted representation against the above transfer of services where again the representation was not responded to and petitioner had to file a writ before this court whereby respondents were ordered to respond to representation of the petitioner. Respondents rejected his representation once more and aggrieved by the same petitioner had filed this instant petition.

Petitioner opposed the rejection of his representation on two grounds. First, that respondents should have taken a lenient approach by considering his disability and ill health of his wife. Second, that petitioner is immune from transfer as he was the Office Bearer of recognized Association. Court while responding to the first ground stated by petitioner, observed that humanitarian considerations for employees posting cannot outweigh administrative exigency in the posting. Court also observed that it cannot interfere unless the transfer order suffers from malafide exercise of powers. While referring to Sanjeet Hardaha v. Sachin Jain, W.A. No.50 of 2018, Ramesh Kumar Soni Vs. State of MP, W.P. 12231 of 2017 and Prashant Shrivastava v. State of M.P., W.A. No.912 of 2018 it was stated that petitioner failed to show any malafide or violation of statutory rules in passing the impugned order. Therefore, the writ petition was dismissed. [Jagendra Pipri v. State of M.P., 2018 SCC OnLine MP 499, dated 29-08-2018]

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