After the National Law School of India Law Review (NLSIR), the NLS Business Law Review (NLS BLR), the Indian Journal of Law and Technology (IJLT), the Socio-Legal Review (SLR), EBC and NLS inked an MoU to publish the Indian Journal of International Economic Law (IJIEL).

The NLSIR is a bi-annual, student edited, peer-reviewed law journal providing incisive legal scholarship on issues that are at the forefront of contemporary legal discourse. For more than 25 years, the NLSIR has regularly featured articles authored by judges of the Indian Supreme Court, senior counsels practicing at the Indian bar, and several renowned academics from national and foreign universities.

The Indian Journal of Law and Technology (IJLT) is a student-edited, peer-reviewed, open access law journal published annually by the National Law School of India University, Bangalore. IJLT is the first and only law journal in India devoted exclusively to the study of the interface between law and technology.

Socio-Legal Review (SLR) is a bi-annual open access, student-edited, peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal published by the National Law School of India University, Bangalore. First published in 2005 with the help of a grant from the Modern Law Review, SLR has carried articles by luminaries in the legal and social fields, including Roger Cotterrell, W.T. Murphy, Werner Menski, Asghar Ali Engineer, Pratiksha Baxi and Gina Heathcote.

The Indian Journal of International Economic Law (IJIEL) is an endeavour by the Student Bar Association (SBA), NLSIU to encourage scholarship in the fields of international trade law and international economic law, in recognition of the staggering impact of World Trade Organization (WTO) and cross-border trade and commerce in the world today. The burgeoning presence of the developing world in the international arena coupled with a need for harmonization of the North-South divide and the conspicuous absence of any scholarly journal from a developing world perspective on the same was the seed for this initiative by the SBA, NLSIU.

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