Orissa High Court
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“A child born out of surrogacy to be treated in the similar manner as a child born out of the natural process and provide the commissioning mother with all the benefits provided thereto.”

One Donor Gamete
Legislation UpdatesRules & Regulations

MoHFW notifies Surrogacy (Regulation) Amendment Rules, 2024 allowing one donor gamete in certain circumstances.

High Court weekly Roundup-4
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A quick legal roundup to cover important stories from all High Courts this week.

rajasthan high court
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“No civilization could have passed without recognizing the power of mother and often figuratively projected her as Goddess. A child born to a family sees the world first through the eyes of his or her mother and develops his or her skills through the vision of the family.”

Central Government Notification
Legislation UpdatesRules & Regulations

The Central Government has notified Surrogacy (Regulation) Rules, 2022 which provides Form and manner for registration and fee for a surrogacy clinic