2024 SCC Vol. 3 Part 1

Administrative Law — Administrative Action — Administrative or Executive Function — File notings/Internal orders: In-principle approval and file notings do not give rise to vested rights. [DDA v. Hello Home Education Society, (2024) 3 SCC 148]

Applicability of Section 29-A of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, to Applications Filed Post Termination of the Tribunal’s Mandate: In this article the author discussed the question whether an application seeking extension of the mandate of the Arbitral Tribunal be entertained after the mandate of the Tribunal has expired under Section 29-A(4) of the Act? Part II of the article critically evaluates the contradictory decisions passed by the aforementioned High Courts. Part III analyses the scope of Section 29-A(4) of the Act and concludes the article with important observations. [Only Time Will Tell: Applicability of Section 29-A to Applications Filed Post Termination of the Tribunal’s Mandate by Anuraag Mitra and Shantanu Lakhotia, (2024) 3 SCC (J-25)]

Constitution of India — Art. 226 — Writ of habeas corpus: Writ of habeas corpus is not maintainable against remand order by judicial officer. Principles clarified re interplay between S. 167 CrPC and S. 19 PMLA. [V. Senthil Balaji v. State, (2024) 3 SCC 51]

Constitution of India — Arts. 229, 221(2), 226 and 141: Principles clarified relating to scope of rule-making powers of High Court under Art. 229 and matters to which it extends. [State of U.P. v. Assn. of Retired Supreme Court & High Court Judges, (2024) 3 SCC 1]

Consumer Protection — Services — Medical practitioners/services/Medical negligence — Deficiency of service: In this case, death of patient occurred during post-operative care and non-attendance by doctors from the Neurosurgery team who operated the patient was made the ground, on facts, held, there is no negligence by respondent doctors in attending to the deceased. They cannot be held negligent for the death of the deceased. [Kalyani Rajan v. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, (2024) 3 SCC 37]

Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 — S. 319 — Summoning of additional accused — Police atrocities against person accused in corruption case: In this case, the question arose whether appellant investigating police officer of corruption case and three other police officials, was properly summoned as additional accused in trial against Head Constable K on allegations of demanding bribes to not torture accused D in main corruption case, to not seek further remand, help him get bail and to give him good treatment in custody. Prima facie evidence, whether available to make a triable case against the said summoned additional accused, determined. [Gurdev Singh Bhalla v. State of Punjab, (2024) 3 SCC 142]

Experts and Arbitration: This article approaches the problem of “hired guns” — experts who, through a real or perceived sense of obligation towards their appointing parties, bring their expertise to bear in a manner that is obviously partial and ultimately unhelpful to the Tribunal. [Experts and Arbitration: “Hired Guns” — Modern Solutions To Ancient Problems, by Professor Doug Jones AO, (2024) 3 SCC (J-6)]

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 — S. 61 r/w S. 7 — Limitation period for filing appeal before NCLAT: Affixation of date of hearing on the order, as purported date of pronouncement of the order is not permissible, when the matter is heard but order not pronounced on the same date. [Sanjay Pandurang Kalate v. Vistra ITCL India Ltd., (2024) 3 SCC 27]

Lord Denning — A Tribute: This article is a tribute to Lord Denning, who has been described as the most influential judge of the 20th century. [Lord Denning — A Tribute by v. Sudhish Pai, (2024) 3 SCC (J-1)]

Penal Code, 1860 — S. 364-A or S. 364 — Determination of: Ingredients of S. 364-A and matters to be established for conviction under S. 364-A, reiterated. [Neeraj Sharma v. State of Chhattisgarh, (2024) 3 SCC 125]

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