Post Office Act

On 24-12-2023 the Post Office Act, 2023 received President’s assent which consolidate and amend the laws relating to Post Office in India and to provide for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto, the Act of 2023 replaces the Post Office Act, 1898.

Effective Date: This Act will come into force on such date as the Central Government may notify in the Official Gazette.

Key highlights:

  1. Fixation of charges: The Director General of Postal Services may make regulations regarding fixing charges, terms and conditions for the services rendered by the Post Office.

  2. Issuance of Postage Stamps: The Act gives exclusive privileges to Post Office for issuing of the postage stamps.

  3. Powers of Central Government under the Act:

    • The Central Government has the authority to frame rules regarding the services rendered by the Post Office between India and other foreign countries.

    • The Central Government can prescribe the official mark which will be regarded as prima facie evidence for the facts which are denoted.

    • The Act gives power to Central Government to intercept the transmission by the Post Office if the matter is related to i) security of the states ii) friendly relations with foreign states iii) emergency iv) public order.

  4. Liability and Power of Postal Officer:

    • Postal Officer has been empowered to deliver such items which suspects to be prohibited to custom authority or any other special authority to further deal with it according to law.

    • The Act incurs liability on Postal Officers in case of acting fraudulently, wilfully causing loss or any deficiency in service.

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One comment

  • An ad post office act 1898,as to act 2023 alteration old act may be self advertisement.But whichever it may be the post office act do not alteration policy restrictions,because on foreign goods are collaborated in the nation,then restrictictions out of control,therefore the courier system should left at shipyard,airline only,because on departure and destination,points are checking as must,on people secure point of view the post office do not go steps at modernisation as be reasonable.

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