2023 SCC Vol. 9 Part 2

Civil Procedure Code, 1908 — Or. 21 R. 95: Starting point of limitation application under Or. 21 R. 95, by auction-purchaser for delivery of possession, matter referred to larger Bench. [Bhasker v. Ayodhya Jewellers, (2023) 9 SCC 281]

Constitution of India — Arts. 21 and 19(1)(a) — Rights of accused vis-à-vis Right to information/Right to know — Procedure for media briefings by police personnel where investigation for alleged offence in progress: Necessity of SOP to balance right of accused to fair and unbiased investigation vis-à-vis right of victim/survivors of crime and fundamental right of media to freedom of speech and expression under Art. 19(1)(a) vis-à-vis fundamental right to life and liberty of accused/victim/survivors of crime under Art. 21, emphasized. [PUCL v. State of Maharashtra, (2023) 9 SCC 186]

Consumer Protection — Consumer Forums — Exercise of power — Relief — Interest — Compound interest: Law clarified relating to power of Consumer Fora to grant compound interest and relevant factors to be considered for award of compound interest. [Suneja Towers (P) Ltd. v. Anita Merchant, (2023) 9 SCC 194]

Evidence Act, 1872 — S. 134 — Number of witnesses — Whether material: It is settled law that in a given case, conviction can be based on testimony of only one eyewitness. [Javed Shaukat Ali Qureshi v. State of Gujarat, (2023) 9 SCC 164]

GST — Concession/Exemption/Incentive/Rebate/Subsidy — Pre-import condition and GST compensation cess on input imported into India for the production of goods to be exported from India: Validity of pre-import condition (i.e. goods had to be imported first, and then the final products manufactured with such imported goods were to be exported) for claiming exemption of Integrated Goods and Services Tax for claiming exemption of IGST and GST compensation cess on input imported into India for the production of goods to be exported from India, upheld. [Union of India v. Cosmo Films Ltd., (2023) 9 SCC 244]

Land Acquisition Act, 1894 — S. 23 — Market value — Determination of — Matters to be considered: Determination of market value is done by assuming a price a willing vendor would offer to willing purchaser in normal market conditions But not an event of anxious dealing at arm’s length nor a facade of sale nor fictitious sale brought about in quick succession or otherwise to inflate the market value. [Mala v. State of Punjab, (2023) 9 SCC 315]

Land Acquisition Act, 1894 — S. 23 — Market value: Award passed in relation to acquisition notification issued 5 yrs prior to acquisition notification of the lands in question is irrelevant. Such award cannot act as a guiding factor. [Kalubhai Khatubhai v. State of Gujarat, (2023) 9 SCC 182]

Service Law — Promotion — Non-promotion/Denial of promotion/Supersession — Vacancies and qualified candidates available — Failure to conduct promotion process, leading to denial of promotion — Relief that may be granted: For promotion to ministerial Group C posts in State of U.P., in terms of R. 5 of the 2001 Rules, 20% vacancies in Group C posts were to be filled from Group D posts, out of which 15% quota was reserved for Group D employees passing High School or any other equivalent examination, while remaining 5% was for Group D employees who had passed Intermediate or equivalent examination. Vacancies available under 20% quota were 4, which remained unfilled since process of promotion not undertaken. It was held, provision regarding promotion, as contained in R. 5, ensures that Group D employees possessing basic educational qualifications have some incentive for performing well. Since process of promotion was not conducted since 2015, despite availability of vacancies in Group C posts under 20% quota, case of appellants and other similarly situated persons was not considered. [Rajendra Prasad v. State of U.P., (2023) 9 SCC 178]

Service Tax — Taxable Services — Airport services — User development fee (UDF) levied and collected by the airport operation, maintenance and development: User development fee levied and collected by the airport operation, maintenance and development entities, not liable to service tax. [Commr. (CGST) v. Delhi International Airport Ltd., (2023) 9 SCC 294]

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