ministry of law and justice

The Ministry of Law and Justice notified, 9-10-2023, as the date on which certain provisions of the Mediation Act, 2023 came into force.

Provisions that came into force on 9-10-2023:

  1. Section 1 which lays down the “Short Title, extent and commencement of the Act”.

  2. Section 3 enumerates various “Definitions”.

  3. Section 26 relates to “Proceedings of Lok Adalat and Permanent Lok Adalat not to be affected”.

  4. Sections 31 to 38: Chapter 8 relating to “Mediation Council of India” consisting of 9 Sections out which 8 has been enforced:

    • Section 31 relates to “Establishment and incorporation of Mediation Council”;

    • Section 32 relates to “Composition of Council”;

    • Section 33 relates to “Vacancies, et., not to invalidate proceedings of Council”;

    • Section 34 relates to “Resignation”;

    • Section 35 relates to “Removal”;

    • Section 36 relates to “Appointment of experts and constitution of Committees”;

    • Section 37 relates to “Secretariat and Chief Executive Officer of Council”;

    • Section 38 relates to “Duties and functions of Council”.

  5. Sections 45 to 47:

    • Section 45 relates to “Mediation Fund”;

    • Section 46 relates to “Accounts and Audit”;

    • Section 47 relates to “Power of Central Government to issue directions”.

  6. Sections 50 to 54

    • Section 50 relates to “Protection of action taken in good faith”;

    • Section 51 relates to “Power to make Rules”;

    • Section 52 relates to “Power to make Regulations”;

    • Section 53 relates to “Laying”;

    • Section 54 relates to “Power to remove difficulties”.

  7. Sections 56 to 57

    • Section 56 relates to “Act not to apply to pending proceedings”;

    • Section 57 relates to “Transitory provision”.

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