ministry of environment, forest and climate change

On 12-7-2023, the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change notified the Wild Life Disposal of Wild Animal Article Rules, 2023 to regularize incineration of wild animal articles. The provisions came into provision on 12-7-2023.

Key Points:

Disposal of Wild Animal Article/ trophy/ uncured trophy/ meat derived from any wild animal which is a property of State or Central Government will follow the following procedure for disposing off of the wild animals:

1. Director of Wild Life Preservation or the Chief of Wild Life Warden can direct the incineration of such Government property as mentioned in the order given by State or Central Government.

2. Incineration will be conducted in presence of the Committee which will be formed by the Chief Wild Life Warden consisting of:

✓ Officer having the Rank of Deputy Conservator of Forests and above who has the custody of the property on which incineration has to be conducted.

✓ Representative of local Gram Panchayat

✓ Representative of Revenue Department (not below the rank of Tahsildar)

✓ Wild Life Expert

3. The Committee will have to submit the report within 10 days from the date of incineration to the Chief Wild Life Warden.

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