firing at tis hazari court

The Bar Council of Delhi (‘BCD') took suo motu cognizance based on a viral video of firing at Tis Hazari Courts on 5-07-2023 wherein, several advocates could be seen involved in hurling abuses and firing in the air. According to reports, the firing took place following an argument between lawyers at Tis Hazari Court premises on Wednesday in broad daylight. While such an act of violence was condemned by one and all, BCD was quick at action.

Suspension of Advocate involved in Tis Hazari Firing in Court Premises

A suspension of license to practice as an advocate through letter dated 5-07-2023 was issued against Advocate Manish Sharma, Senior Vide-President of Delhi Bar Association under the name of BCD Chairman through power vested with him under Rule 42 of Chapter IV of Bar Council of Delhi Rules. He was called upon to appear and submit a written explanation before the Bar Council of Delhi on 7-07-2023 at 4 PM. The said letter also clarified that Advocate Manish Sharma was clearly identifiable in the video, while identification of other advocates involved in Tis Hazari firing was underway for taking appropriate action.

Bar Council of Delhi: Standards of Professional Conduct and Etiquette

Since the behaviour of advocates featuring in the said video still remains in question, it is important to note the expected conduct for such practicing advocates. According to the code of conduct to be followed by the advocates, among other duties, they are also duty bound to:

  • Conduct themselves with dignity and self-respect;

  • Maintain a respectful attitude towards the courts;

  • Bear in mind that the dignity of the judicial office is essential for the survival of a free community.

Reactions after firing at Tis Hazari Courts

Courts are not only the workplace for advocates and judges. Ordinary people visit courts with the hope of seeking justice through the law of the land. Incidents like Tis Hazari firing bring a lot of doubts and concerns as shared by some of people on their social media handles:

This Twitter user bats for “No Guns in Courts”

This user had a serious concern that “Those who should preserve the law and order are breaking the laws themselves!”

While this one may sound humorous, the tweet reflects visitors' genuine concern for their life while suggesting the use of bullet-proof jackets

This user was concerned over advocates holding guns instead of pens

Another user targeted the fear of legal professionals among police and ordinary people

People call it a shameful incident by people belonging to a reputed profession

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