ministry of housing and urban affairs

On 29-5-2023, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs notified the Metro Railways (Carriage and Ticket) Amendment Rules, 2023. The provisions came into effect on 29-5-2023.

A new Provision has been inserted under Rule 4(2) which allows a person duly authorized by a hospital under the Transplantation of Human Organs and Tissues Act, 1994 to carry human organ/tissue or both for the purpose of transplantation.

NOTE: Rule Section 4(2) relates to Prohibition against carriage of dangerous and offensive material. According to this Rule no person can take the following items inside metro railway:

  1. blood dried or coagulated or decomposed, whether human or animal;

  2. corpses;

  3. carcasses of dead animals or of dead birds;

  4. bones excluding bleached and cleaned bones;

  5. human skeleton;

  6. parts of human body;

  7. portable radio devices which possess risk to radio communication network and communication-based traffic control signaling network.

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