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Delhi High Court: In a bail application filed by Manish Sisodia (petitioner) former Deputy Chief Minister of State and leader of Aam Aadmi Party, seeking bail in a case related to alleged corruption in Delhi Excise Liquor Policy, Dinesh Kumar Sharma J. rejected bail due to the allegations being of very serious nature, the possibility of evidence tampering cannot be ruled out.

The main allegation against the petitioner was that he along with other Aam Aadmi Party members conspired to give specific businesses liquor licences in exchange for payments in the nature of bribes. According to the central authorities, changes were made to the excise policy and profit margins that favoured specific dealers, and bribes were given in return for those changes. However, according to Sisodia, the LG approved the policy and the adjustments made to it, and the CBI is now pursuing the policy choices of an elected administration.

As per reports, the Court noted that “The applicant enjoys a close nexus with the executive, offices, and bureaucrats and his influence and clout is evident. His party colleagues holding high ranks continue to make factually wrong claims to influence the investigation and claiming the applicant to be a victim of a political vendetta.”

As per media reports, the Court also noted that “The allegations are very serious in nature. The accused was a public servant. We have not examined the excise policy nor the power of the government. However, the applicant being a powerful person, there is the possibility of him influencing the witnesses.”

Thus, the Court rejected the bail application due to most of the witnesses in the case being public servants and petitioner being a powerful person may tamper with the evidence of the case.

Advocate who appeared in this case :

Senior Advocate Dayan Krishnan for the Petitioner.

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