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On 11-5-2023, the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment notified the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Amendment) Rules, 2023 to amend the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Rules, 2017. The provisions came into force on 11-5-2023.

Key Points:

1. Rule 15 relates to Rules for Accessibility which says that every establishment has to comply with the standards relating to physical environment, transport and information and communication technology mentioned under this rule.

2. New Provision has been inserted regarding the same which says that the following:

• Websites,

• Applications,

• Information and communication technology based public facilities and services,

• Electronic goods and equipment meant for everyday use,

• Information and communication technology-based consumer products,

• Accessories for general use with persons with disabilities,

• Products and services which are based on information technology,

• Other products based on information and communication technology,

will have to comply with the following Indian standards IS:

• IS 17802 (Part 1)- Accessibility for the ICT Products and Services Part 1 Requirements

• IS 17802 (Part 2)- Accessibility for the ICT Products and Services Part 2 Determination of Conformance

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