Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

On 18-4-2023, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways notified the All India Tourist Vehicles (Permit) Rules, 2023. The provisions will come into force on 1-5-2023.

Key Points:

1. Application for All India Tourist Permit (‘Permit’):

• Will be granted only to a tourist vehicle (‘vehicles’) of tourist vehicle operator.

• Application for grant of permit/ renewal will be made electronically on the portal of the Transport Authority (‘Authority’) in Form 1.

• Authority will issue Permit within 7 days from the date of receipt of application.

• The Annual Fee must be accompanied by the Application categorized according to the vehicle’s passenger capacity (excluding driver). Provision for quarterly fee submission is also available.

Permit without payment of any permit fee will be granted only to:

✓ Battery operated vehicles

✓ Vehicles driven on methanol/ ethanol fuel

2. In case, the Authority takes no decision within 7 days, the Permit will be deemed to have been granted.

3. The Permit will be granted on Form 2 and will be valid for 90 days or its multiple but not exceeding 5 years at a time.

4. A Permit will not be granted to any vehicle which has completed 12 years of its registration.

5. In case of diesel vehicles, registered in Delhi, a Permit will not be granted after the vehicle has completed 10 years of its registration.

6. The fee collected for the Permit will be distributed among the States and Union territories.

7. Scope and Validity:

• Valid everywhere in India.

• Permit should be used for the transport of tourists individually/ in group with their luggage.

• A vehicle should not be used for the transport of tourists unless a Permit is granted.

8. The jurisdictional Authority can permit any tourist vehicle covered by Permit to replace with a vehicle of the same nature.

9. The distinguishing mark “All India Tourist Permit” will have to be prominently displayed on the rear left side of vehicle in white letters in blue background along with the validity of permit.

10. Permit will be cancelled/ suspended if the Permit holder-

• Uses/causes/allows a vehicle to be used in contravention to the provisions of these Rules/Act.

• Ceases to own the vehicle covered by the Permit.

• Obtained the Permit fraudulently or by misrepresenting.

• Acquires citizenship of any foreign country.

11. Appeals can be made by any aggrieved person against the order of the jurisdictional Authority within 30 days from the date of order to the State Transport Appellate Tribunal.

12. Exemptions:

• The conditions prescribed in Rules 82 to 85-A of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989 will not apply to the Permit under these rules.

• Permit issued under the Motor Vehicles (All India Permit for Tourist Transport Operators) Rules, 1993 and the All India Tourist Vehicles (Authorisation or Permit) Rules, 2021 will continue to be in force during their validity period as if they were issued under these rules.

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