On 3-3-2023, the Ministry of Power notified the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (Particulars and Manner of their Display on Labels of Ultra-High-Definition Televisions) Regulations, 2023. The provisions came into force on 3-3-2023.

Key Points:

  1. The following particulars must be mentioned on label:

    • Logo of Bureau of Energy Efficiency

    • Equipment type

    • Brand

    • Model number, year and manufacturing or import

    • Screen size

    • Annual energy consumption in kWh per year

    • Unique series code

    • Star level

    • Label period

  2. The label must be affixed to the front display of the unit and should be easily visible.

  3. No star label shall be affixed on an Ultra-High-Definition television without obtaining the prior permission of the Bureau.

  4. Terms & Conditions for display of particulars on label:

    • The star level on the label should conform to energy consumption standards;

    • Label must be affixed only on such model for which permission has been granted

    • The permittee will have to bear the cost of the label and its printing and affixing

    • The permittee will have to furnish to the Bureau an updated list of authorized distributors, dealers, retailers, sellers appointed to sell their labelled products by 30th day of April of each year.

  5. The permittee must pay a sum of Rs. 30 to the Bureau for each label affixed on the television.

  6. The Bureau, either suo motu or on a complaint, can carry out verification to ensure that the television conforms to the star level and other particulars displayed on its label.

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