KIIT School of Law welcomes you to the 9th KIIT National Moot Court Competition’s Live Blog! 

The KIIT National Moot Court Competition has always been a flagship event for the KIIT School of Law. The objective is to develop the culture and art of mooting among the law students in India. 

After seven successful physical editions and one online edition of the KIIT National Moot Court Competition, this year we are happy to host the 9th KIIT National Moot Court Competition 2023 from 3rd March 2023 to 5th March 2023 with SCC Online and EBC as the exclusive Knowledge Partners. 

Prizes and awards shall adhere to the following scheme:

S. NO.



1. Winning Team Trophy + Rs 1,00,000/- (cash prize)
2. Runners’ Up Trophy + Rs 50,000/- (cash prize)
3. 2nd Runners’ Up Trophy + Rs 25,000/- (cash prize)
4. Best Memorial Trophy + Rs 10,000/- (cash prize)
5. Best Speaker Trophy + Rs 15,000/- (cash prize)

Please Stay Tuned for the Live Updates.

DAY 1: 3rd March 2023 (Friday)

07.45: The OC along with the other KLSMCS members and volunteers are all set to host the participating teams.


08.24: The air sparks with anticipation as the venue starts to fill with team members and students.

08.30: The participants have filled the room with their murmurs of enthusiasm.

08.51: The long-awaited moment is here, the participants have arrived. Can’t wait for the guests of the day to arrive!

09.04: The dignitaries have graced the venue with their presence.

09.08: The glittering trophies have not only lit up the room but also the eyes of eager participants.

09.38: After the welcome speech, the Inaugural Ceremony commenced with lighting the holy lamp by the esteemed dignitaries.

09.40: With the blessings of the almighty, everyone is all set to kick start the first major offline event of KIIT School of Law.

09:41: The volunteers felicitate the revered guest as a token of respect.

09.42: Hon’ble Director of KIIT School of Law, Prof. Bhavani Prasad Panda delivers an enlightening speech addressing the august gathering.

09.46: The Hon’ble Director in his welcoming speech recounted the incredible feats of the inspiring Founder of the KIIT, Dr. Achyuta Samanta.

09.50: The next to address the audience is Prof. (Dr.) Jnyana Ranjan Mohanty, Registrar, KIIT DU.

09.57: Dr. Jnyana Ranjan Mohanty in his speech spoke extensively about the multi-cultural nature of the School of Law and commended the efforts of the students and faculty whose efforts made this entire event possible.

10.05: Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Prof (Dr.) Saranjit Singh instills the spark of excelling with his inspiring words. He appreciated the OC with words of praise for organizing such a grand event.

10.10: At the end of his speech, Prof (Dr.) Saranjit Singh laid emphasis on the emergence of the block chain technology and the need for legal research in this particular area.

10.15: Professor Emeritus, Dr. N.L. Mitra, legal educationist par excellence and a man with a great sense of humor starts his speech with the importance of self confidence to reach success in life. He spoke about the relevance of research the legal profession in the modern era.

10.18: The dignitaries highlighted the importance of mooting and the tremendous role it plays in building our personality.

10.21: Prof. (Dr.) N.L. Mitra highlights that research holds in the development of law students.

10.25: Hon’ble Chief Guest, Dr. Justice D.P. Choudhury says “practice of law is like a game of chess”, how far one wishes to go solely depends upon the choices one makes.

10.31: Hon’ble Dr. Justice D.P. Choudhury mentions bout the 3Ps that are necessary to become a successful lawyer “practice, perseverance, patience”.

10.35: Prof (Dr.) P.K. Sarkar, Chairman, Moot Court Society, KIIT School of Law , ends the Inaugural Ceremony by extending warm vote of thanks.

10.42: The participants with dignitaries, have assembled, for a group photo to immortalize this memorable day.

10.50: The arrangements for offline registration is being made available.

10:53: After the group photo, the participants head back to the venue for the cultural programs.

11.09: The music society of KSOL, Korale, captivated the audience with their enthrallingly delightful performance.

11.18: It’s snacks time!

11.31: Participants are lined up for the offline registration.

11.53: Participants gather in the lecture hall for the SCC Session, and await the session with bated breath.

11.58: The Joint Convenor of Moot Court Society, Mandavi Banerjee, addresses the session in the beginning and gives an opening note bubbling with enthusiasm.

12.12: The resource person, Mr. Chetan Singh Gill, Sr. Manager, EBC addresses topics pertaining to the importance of knowing how to use SCC Online.

12.25: Mr. Gill provides the attendees with several tips and tricks to efficiently navigate and utilize the SCC resources.

12:30: Mr. Gill goes over the process of identifying whether a judgment is overruled or not, whilst laying special emphasis of this, especially in Moot Court Competitions.

12:36: Mr. Gill further explains in brief the steps taken by SCC to make the process of understanding a judgment as efficient as possible.

12.45: Mr. Gill now covers the much coveted Boolean Search, which takes legal research to the next level with its proficient technology.

12.55: He further explains the news and daily affairs feature in the dashboard, which makes keeping up with legal news and updates on a daily basis much easier.

13.00: The interactive aspect of the session has started.

13.05: Mr. Gill discusses the special steps taken by SCC to make the use of their platform accessible and affordable for all students.

13.10: As a part of the interactive session, Mr. Gill mentions specific steps taken by SCC to ensure that the news published by them is non-partisan and authentic. The news feature of SCC is free to ensure a wide range of accessibility.

13.12: The session concludes. Mr. Chetan Singh Gill proved to be extremely beneficial and captivating as it helped the teams understand the importance of legal research as well as proper citation, It encouraged the teams and got them recharged for the upcoming competition.

13.15: Next, yummilicious food is being served in the refreshing Lunch Break.

14.28: Participants assemble for the Researchers’ Test.

14.35: The convenors of the society, Ms. Ahona Mukherjee and Ms. Mandavi Banerjee address the Researchers of the team, and give basic details about the Test.

14:36: 13 printed sides, 7 pages, 50 Questions, 45 minutes.

14.43: The test is set to begin in another 5 minutes, and while question papers are being distributed, the researchers sit, ready to put their research to a test and make all their efforts yield fruitful results.

14.46: The seats for the researchers’ test are filled with students waiting in anticipation and nervousness to glance at the questionnaire to prepare to test true knowledge of law and statement of facts. The next 45 minutes are going to be a very crucial for every competing team. For every wrong answer, 0.25 mark will be deducted.

15.21: The researchers look through their answers as the test is set to end in a few minutes.

15.31: Time’s up! Researchers put their pens down, and hope for the best! They sighed with a sense of satisfaction and relief as they overleaped the first stepping stone. Let us see who heads up to win the coveted the Best Researchers’ Award based on their performance in the researcher’s test.

15.33: Researchers head towards the lecture hall to regroup with their teammates for the Draw of Lots.

15.35: Moving forward all the teams, accompanied by their Team Representative, gather for the Draw of Lots.

16.03: The Joint Convenor, Ms. Ahona Mukherjee takes a roll call to ensure everyone’s present for the Draw of Lots.

16.05: For the draw of lots, one member of each group is required to pick up a chit. wishing all the teams a good luck!

16.08: One member from each team picks up a chit, trusting their luck all the way!

16.16: The OC has wrapped up the lucky draw for the preliminary rounds. The final fixture shall be shared soon.

16.29: The fixtures for the preliminary rounds are out!

16.36: The team spirit is high as we move forward toward the memorial exchange.

16:39: The teams keep up the spirit of probity as they receive the shake hands and wish each other luck for the Preliminary Round tomorrow.

16.41: The teams curiously peruse through the opposite team’s memorials.

16.52: The memorial exchange for preliminary rounds concludes here, and the teams begin to get set for tomorrow!

It’s a wrap for Day 1.

DAY 2: 4th March 2023 (Saturday)

The details of the Preliminary Round 1:

08.55: The much-awaited day is here. With the memorials in their hand, the participants have started to arrive in the Lecture Hall.

09.20: The Team Representatives are working rigorously while hoping the best for their teams. Efforts at its best!

09.30: The participants are eagerly waiting in the waiting room for the round to commence.

09.40: The judges for the rounds are distinguished legal experts in their respective disciplines and are here to evaluate each team’s comprehension and command over the law. The judges’ representatives escort them in the premises.

09.54: Prof. (Dr.) Bhavani Prasad Panda, Director, KIIT School of Law addresses the revered judges assembled at the Conference Room.

10.00: Prof. Panda and Dr. Sthita Prajna Mohanty, Faculty Convener, KLSMCS present a token of gratitude to the judges.

10.07: The Organizing Committee start the briefing.

10.09: With the judges being briefed for the upcoming rounds, it may be safe to say that we’re set to go!


10.13: The team representatives have gathered in front of the waiting room to guide the teams to their respective court rooms.

10:25: The disciplinary committee is doing their final checks around the court rooms, making sure everything goes on smoothly.

10:27: The judges leave for the respective court rooms.

10.29: The court managers getting the teams familiarized with the rules and regulations one last time before the ball gets rolling!

10.30: The judges finally arrive in their respective courtrooms and take their seats. the participants are all ready to showcase their legal knowledge. Wishing everyone the very best!


CR 8 – And, time is out! P S1 gets ready to fight his way through!

CR 5 – The proceedings have begun and the petitioners have started with their arguments.

CR 11 – The room is filled with enthusiasm among the participants as the judges arrive.


CR 8 – The judges have begun to grill the speakers.


CR 5 – The petitioners have started off their arguments with placing reliance on the case of R v. Allen for their interpretation of the ‘term’.


CR 7 – The P S1 starts of the proceedings by stating the facts of the case and issues. It states his arguments and reasons why their client is the ‘aggrieved’.

CR 5 – The judge grilling the petitioner’s argument, lays preference on a narrower interpretation of the term ‘order’ since the case focuses on the Securities Act.

CR 5 – The judge completely disregards the use of CPC for interpretation in the present case.


CR 7 – The judges grill P S1 as the latter tries to keep his calm and answer the questions.

CR 11 – P S1 starts the proceeding with the facts and their issues.

CR 8 – Judges question P S1 asking them basics of a special contract, in particular, the difference between pledge and bailment.


CR 14 – Petitioner side gets the ball rolling as P S1 starts briefing the facts of the case.

CR 3 – The participants continue to eagerly wait for the judges to arrive.

CR 7 – 5 minutes in as the judges continue to grill PS1.

CR 6 – The participants continue to anxiously wait for the judges to arrive.


CR 11 – The judges start questioning P S1 and the counsel starts answering the questions calmly.

CR 14 – The judge asks the petitioner side as to if they have a locus standi for the issues raised. Speaker 1 takes the question gracefully.


CR 9 – PS1 looks like they are prepared! They continue to bewilder the judges with facts of the case on the tip of their tongue.

CR 5 – The main focus of the judges while questioning P S1 was on their basis of interpretation of various terms and the reason for their reliance on a wider interpretation.

CR 10 – The judges are getting prepared to hear the arguments, and teams can’t help but anxiously await their turn.


CR 7 – PS1 requests more time upon the completion of its allotted time limit to continue answering the judge’s questions.

CR 14 – The judges continue throwing questions at P S1 while they continue to take the questions gracefully. A well prepared team!

CR 11 – The P S1 continues to justify their arguments by citing precedents in support of their contentions.


CR 1 – The participants are anxiously waiting for the arrival of the Judges same goes for CR 2.

CR 7 – P S2 continues by placing contentions for the issues (3 and 4).


CR 8 – P S2 addresses the bench, and raises the issues 3.

CR 11 – The Judge asks for case facts and asks the relevance of the case facts with respect to the case in question and the counsel continues to answer the questions with wit!

CR 8 – Judges begin to grill P S2 about the basics of IPO.

CR 6 – P S1 continues answering judge’s questions and placing contention for the 1st issue by mentioning the precedents.


CR 5 – The judges question the relevance of the mentioning violation of fundamental rights in an appeal under section 15 Z of Securities Act.

CR15 – The Judge asks P S1 the difference between a debenture and a share. The speaker takes the question gracefully but fumbles on further counter questioning.

CR 11- The Second speaker for the Petitioner’s side approaches the dais and begins with the issues and arguments.

CR 6- P S1 mentions the infringement of the rights of the shareholders as a part of his contention.


CR 5 – P S1: The judge questions the validity of the appellants appeal to consider Aryan as a shareholder.

CR 6 – P S1 fumbles as the judges continue questioning.

CR 9  – The judges ask the P S1 about the importance of a notice before invoking the pledge and the remedy in case the notice is not given. The P S1 seeks time to answer the same.

CR15 – P S1: The Judge asks the petitioner side the difference between a debenture and a share. The speaker takes the question gracefully but fumbles on further counter questioning.

CR 5 – PS1 was asked to wrap up their submissions, the speaker 2 has approached the dais.


CR 10 – PS1 seeks permission to proceed with issues 1 & 2. Judges ask them what an open offer is, and the speaker answers best they could!

CR 6 – PS1 confidently answers the judge’s question and the judge seems very satisfied with the answer. Good going petitioners!

CR 11 – The judges asks P S2 how could the petitioners have a say in the share prices as argued by them, if they don’t have the right over those shares by virtue of pledging them, to which P S2 answers by stating the theory of valuation. A quick witted answer by the P S2!


CR 15 – The petitioner side continues to raise their issues while the judges continue to grill them. The jitters can be felt in the air.

CR 4 – The petitioners have begun with their submissions with the statement of jurisdiction. And, the grilling begins!!!


CR 10 – Judges begin to grill PS1, who gives very confident answers!

CR 14 – The petitioner’s side are grilled by judges regarding the case laws presented. One can see the petitioners fumbling with their words as they are caught off guard.


CR 6 – P S1 even though he seemed very nervous but very calmly answered all of the judge’s question as he requests speaker 2 to continue with the next issue in line.

CR 4 – P S1: The judges have started their questioning of why the petitioners haven’t argued the ‘default’ in their submissions.

CR 12 – P S1 continues to present their arguments and keeps the judges engaged by constantly referring to the moot memorial.


CR 1 – P S1: The astounding tradition continues with 30 teams across the country on board. The Preliminary Round 1 has started and the teams are filled with enthusiasm and are confidently displaying their arguments before the Judge which is a repository of their months of hard work.


CR 4 – P S1: The grilling is moving in full form. The judges are here with every intention to push the participants to their very limits!

CR 14 – The judges engage in a rigorous round of questioning as the petitioners proceed to give their best.

CR 6 – PS1 very confidently continues with the proceedings and requests the judges to refer to a relevant case mentioned in compendium 1, page 196, paragraph 15, but the judges do not seem to be very interested in the compendium and ask the speaker their personal opinion in reference with the Contract Act.


CR 14 – The Respondents proceeds with the issues of the case.

CR 9 – The Judges look like they’re ready to grill! and, the first question is which appellate tribunal S. 423 of the Companies Act refers to.

CR 5 – P S2: The judges have shifted their focus and have begun questioning the speaker’s basics with respect to Securities law.

CR1 – P S1 is asked for the citation of the case and here goes the compendium. P S1 is also asked to back the arguments with relevant Case Laws.


CR 8 – RS1 contends that the appeal is not maintainable. the Judges proceed to ask them the meaning of “revision”, which the speaker fumbles with.

CR 12 – With permission from the Hon’ble Lordship, P S2 begins their arguments.

CR 7 – Petitioners are reprimanded as their prayer is not up to the mark and state that they should have referred to the constitution. The judges give the petitioners one more chance and ask them to draft a better prayer.

CR 15 – The Respondents argue the locus standi of the petitioners.


CR 15 – The Respondents continue to raise their issues smoothly. One can feel the tension in the air!

CR 7 – R S1 is very calmly and confidently placing his contentions.


CR 5 – P S2: The judges have asked the speaker to proceed with the prayer, but the questioning did not stop their either.

CR 10 – PS1 continues with their arguments. They proceed to contend the interpretation of the word “object”, and states that the ambit ought to be wider.

CR 2 – P S1 is being grilled to no end and being asked for her knowledge of the financial market and the answer comes in as a ‘no’.


CR 15 – The Respondents asks for permission to engage with the researcher after being questioned. R S2 proceeds to raise issues 3 and 4.

CR 9 – R S1 begins their contentions by seeking to discuss only the first 3 issues. The rest shall be discussed by the co-counsel.


CR 9 – R S1 begins their contentions by seeking to discuss only the first 3 issues. The rest shall be discussed by the co-counsel.

CR 2 – Here comes an Obiter dicta ‘the researcher is dynamic’ cause the researcher is there to help the S1.

CR 15 – Judges grill the respondent if there is a mixed question of law and fact. Speaker 2 can be seen fumbling with the answer as they seek permission to engage the researcher.

CR 4 – P S1: The judges thorough questioning with respect to the moot problem has left the speaker speechless.


CR 9 – R S1 states there is no “cloak and dagger” game, as suggested by the petitioners, and proceed with the rest of the arguments very calmly but confidently.

CR 4 – P S2: The grilling is in full form. The judges are questioning each word and relevance and necessity. I can see a stump.

CR 6 – The judges tell  RS1 that he had already accepted that it was an administrative order but is not going back on his words by saying its a judicial order.

CR 12 – The judge starts grilling the P S2 by highlighting how the effect of a code and a legislation would be different from each other leaving the P S2 perplexed!


CR 6 – The judges do not seem very convinced with the contention by RS1 as they continue questioning.

CR 8 – R S2 begins their contentions by placing reliance on “Prime Broking Company (India) Ltd vs National Securities Clearing”.

CR 5 – The respondents have begun their submissions and so has their grilling.


CR 8 – the Judges begin their round of grilling by asking RS2 about the difference between “suit” and “petition”, and asks the speakers to be more clear while appearing in front of the Apex Court.

CR 2 – PS1: Obiter dicta ‘the researcher is dynamic’ as the Researcher helps the Speaker.

CR 14 – The Respondents continue to take the questions thrown at them gracefully!


CR 8 – the Judges are not satisfied with the answers, and continue to ask the RS2 basic questions about SEBI and the securities market, which leaves them silent.

CR 5 – RS1: The judges are questioning if the SAST regulations can even be invoked in the present case if the percentage of rights is not enough to warrant intervention.

CR 9 – Judges ask RS1 if there should have been a merchant valuer appointed by SEBI given the present circumstances, which she denies.


CR 15 – The Respondents fumbles with the ratio decidendi as they seek permission to refer to their researcher. The Judges look like they are questioning their preparation.

CR 6 – The judges ask P S2 to explain the share price method as the speaker continues to answer after fumbling and requires the judges to refer to the compendium.


CR 5 – Question of the day- How can the counsel assume things in the court?

CR 2 – The Judges asks the researcher not to approach the Bench directly but through the court clerks, a violation of the rules as the team had a different compendium for the Bench and a different one for the team.


CR 11 – The petitioners are done with their arguments and prayer and the R S2 is presenting the arguments eloquently.

CR 6 – The judge counter questions whether the correct valuation is the only question of law and asks the timer to be paused.


CR 10 – Judges grill P S2 with a big grin on their face! remarkably, P S2 answers very calmly even under so much pressure.

CR 5 – R S1 tries to convince the judges to accept the ratio of a high court judgement. The judges deny.

CR 8 – Judges ask the date of filing of the appeal to R S1, which they can’t seem to answer.


CR 6- Even though the time allotted to P S2 is over the judges allow an extension for the speaker to summarize the contention!

CR 4 – P S1 argues that the respondents have not mentioned the methodology used for the valuation.

CR 6 – Petitioners present the prayer.

CR 8 – Judges guide the teams to further, be sure about their proposition and arguments.


CR 6 – The judges take a break.

CR 11 – The tension sparks high the court room as the respondents are done with their arguments and the petitioners proceed with the rebuttals!

CR 3 – The ball has rolled in CR 3. The Judges have started questioning the petitioners as they continue to take it gracefully despite a few hiccups.

CR 14 – The Respondents continue to answer the Judge’s question smoothly. One can see they have come prepared!

CR1 – The question asked to the PS2 ‘what kind of evidence or which evidence is admirable in the Court of Law’.

CR 8 – Petitioners begin with the rebuttals.


CR 4 – Obiter dicta of the day, ‘speaker, you are fighting for thin air here.

CR 1 – The Judges put emphasis on the citation of the case and ask for the ratio decidendi of the case from P S2.

CR 13 – The judges have arrived and the P S1 has started with their arguments.

CR 4 – The Judges laughter has filled the room.

CR 7 – The judges ask the respondent for their compendium but they answer NO!


CR 4 – R S1 have begun their submissions and the judges seem to be in a mood to grill.

CR 9 – RS2 continues with their arguments, and Judges seem to be happy with the proceedings.

CR 8 – Judges dismiss the parties and round 1 is over!


CR 11 – The respondents have answered the questions put forward by the petitioners articulately with which the round comes to an end!

CR 4 – The judges are pointing out the contradictions in the respondents’ submissions


CR 3 – PS1: The Judges can be seen grilling the petitioners while the speaker fumbles with the answer as to if the issue raised is valid. But the researcher saves the day!!


CR 10 – The contentions by the petitioners are done, and the Judges proceed to call upon the respondents. R S1 begins with the facts, and thereby, going towards their arguments.

CR 13 – P S2 starts their speech with a boost of confidence as P S1 concludes their arguments.

CR 7 – The judges allow R S2 one last minute to wrap up her contention and the speaker asks for the researcher’s help!

CR 4 – R S2 has submitted their prayer. It’s time for the rebuttals!


CR 9 – The rebuttals have begun.

CR 7 – The respondents states their prayer.

CR 14 – After a rigorous and challenging battle of words, its a wrap!!

CR 5 – Question of the day: counsel, are you afraid?

CR 1 – After completion of the arguments, the Petitioner further concludes  with the prayer.


CR 7 – The rebuttals will begin after the petitioners state their prayer, once again as asked by the judges. Obiter dicta of the day “the Constitution is the mother of all laws!”

CR 15 – The Petitioners and the Respondents file out of the court room as the first round comes to an end!


CR 5 – The proceedings have the come to an end.

CR 13 – The grilling has begun! The judges start questioning the P S2 regarding various legal theories along with sections from the Indian Contract Act, the Constitution leaving the counsel confounded!


CR 10 – The judges continue to grill R S1.


CR 4 – The researcher has requested for the permission to move beyond the ambit of the case with regards to the valuation report. The Judge failed to see the relevance of the argument.

CR 6 – The judges are not convinced with the contention of R S1, but they are very calmly explaining to the speaker its loopholes in the contention!

CR 3 – P S2: The Judge questions the petitioners asking if the point they made is contrary to what they mentioned previously. The petitioners vehemently denies any such attempt while clarifying their stand.

CR 4 – Judges to the researcher for the respondent – ‘Sit down researcher, you are making things worse!’


CR 6 – The judge compliments R S1 but asks them not to go very deep and also asked them not to use layman terms.

CR 9 – Judges dismiss the parties, and get prepared for the next round.

CR 3 – P S2 continue present their contention as they state relevant case laws and answers the questions thrown at them by the Judges!


CR 12 – With the petitioners concluding their prayer, the R S1 begins their arguments.

CR 10 – Judges question R S1, which they know the answer to.


CR 6 – R S2 seems to get really very nervous but the judges very calmly handle the situation and try to make it easier for the speaker and prompt the speaker to ask the questions one by one and then make her answer them.


CR 1 – R S1 the respondent is backing the arguments with the relevant case laws, the importance of precedent is been highlighted throughout the presentation. The Respondent goes on answering every question asked patiently and now the R S2 approaches the dais.

CR 10 – R S1 seems to be very clear with their arguments, as they keep citing different cases to present their contentions.

CR 3 – P S2 proceeds with the prayer.

CR6 – the counsels are dismissed and the round comes to an end!


CR 4 – The proceedings have ended.

Waiting Room 17 – One can slice the tension in the air of this room with a knife, as a few teams anxiously wait for the next round.

CR 12 – “Put your best legal words forward”- stating which the judges ask the R S2 to directly counter the arguments presented by petitioners rather than proceeding with their issues!


CR 3 – R S1 proceeds to raise the issues.

CR 12- “So you have found a loophole in the law!”- says the judge as they question the contentions put forward by the R S2.


CR 6 – The judges ask R S1 the definition of offer price but when the speaker is unable to answer the researcher jumps in to save the day!

CR 10 – R S2 proceeds with their arguments, after an interesting contention by R S1.


CR 10 – Judges find R S2 in a tough spot when they ask them why they think that the Petitioner is not an aggrieved person.

CR 2 – The Judges put an objection to ‘ Your Majesty ‘being used to refer to the Judges, R S2 was asked to refer to The Judges as Sir which has also been asked by the Judges of the Supreme Court.

CR 12 – The petitioners keenly listen to the arguments of the R S2 as they take down notes for rebuttals!


CR6 – The judge asks R S2 to not ‘read’ out his contention and continues to probe him with questions.


CR 12 – With the court clerk declaring the TIME OUT, R S2 tries to sum up their arguments quickly.


CR 3 – R S1: The judges question the speakers on whether there was a reasonable notice given to ‘Aryan’ from the proposition.

CR 13 – With the R S1 concluding their arguments, R S2 approaches the dais for continuation of the arguments.


CR 12 – Filled with a competitive spirit, the Petitioners begin the rebuttals!

CR 6 – R S2 is asked to sum up and he propose the prayer followed by the rebuttal.

CR 1 – R S1 is backing the arguments with the relevant case laws, the importance of precedent is been highlighted throughout the presentation. The Respondent goes on answering every question asked patiently and now the RS 2 approaches the dais.


CR 1 – The Respondents propose the prayer to the court.

CR 10 – Judges dismiss the parties.


CR 1 – The Petitioners rest their case and tender the rebuttal to the Respondent’s case. The Respondents submit their sur-rebuttals and conclude their submissions.

CR 13 – The cut-throat competition is very well displayed by the respondents response to the Rebuttals.


CR 6 – The judges prompts the respondent for a rebuttal and allow them extra time to prepare for the same!

CR 3 – R S2: The judges ask the speaker to elaborate on how the valuation report is irrelevant.


CR 6 – With the final answer from the respondents, the round comes to an end.

CR 12 – With a tough competition from each side, the rounds come to an end!


CR 13 – With the respondents answering the questions put forward by the Petitioners, the rounds end!


Waiting Room – The teams are on the edge of their seats with anticipation of round 2 up to their necks.


CR 3 – The rounds have come to an end.


Moot Court Room – After a short break, the judges left for their respective court rooms for Preliminary Round 2.

Preliminary Round 1 was concluded and the participants are back after a half an hour’s break. With the grilling of Prelim-1 at the back of the participant’s minds, they proceed toward their respective courtrooms with a strong sense of competitiveness in Prelim-2.

fixture, prel


CR 10 – Round 2 has begun! wishing both the teams good luck!


CR 10 – P S1 has begun with great confidence by stating the facts at the outset, and the Judges look pleased.


CR 9 – The Judges are ready to hear parties for Round 2, and isn’t P S1 doing really well!

CR 7 – The participants start to arrive.

CR 5 – P S1: The Judges asked the petitioners about a per incurium order. The petitioners seek permission to engage the researcher and continued with the issues.

CR 9 – As P S1 proceeds with their arguments, they keep emphasizing on various case laws to get their points across.


CR 14 – P S1 have begun with the submissions.

CR 5 – P S1 quotes the maxim “Audi Alteram Partem” to invoke violation of natural justice.


CR 6 – P S2 starts the proceeding as directed by the judges.

CR 8 – On your marks, get set, go! P S1 starts the proceedings by stating which issues they would address.


CR 5 – P S1: The Judge questions the petitioners left, right and center as they handle it with grace despite the nerves!

CR 14 – P S1: Is it an appealable order or is it not, that is the question.

CR 11- With P S1 concluding their speech, P S2 approaches the dais for continuation of the arguments.

CR 10 – Judges have begun to grill P S1, but the latter takes everything thrown at them very gracefully.


CR 4 – The court is in session as P S1 proceeds by raising the issues.

CR 7 – Five minutes into the proceedings the judges have started counter questioning!


CR 11 – The rounds take an exciting turn as the judge starts questioning the petitioners researcher regarding their memorial.

CR 2 – PS1 has approached the Dias and begins with his arguments regarding the maintainability of the Writ petition.


CR 11 – Followed by the Petitioners prayer, the counsel for R S1 begins their issues.

CR 14 – It always comes down to the principles of natural justice.

CR 9 – PS2 handles her arguments well, and stays calm at the Judges’ questions, while the latter place emphasis on the difference between “shall” and “may”.

CR 7 – The judge asks for the meaning of aggrieved and some reference for the same and asks for the compendium but the petitioner says ‘no’.


CR 8 – Judges begin to question P S1, and they are at a loss of words.

CR 7 – The judge lets the participants know that the case citation and the relevant paragraph for reference are very important and should not be missed; An pointer for the participants for their future!

CR 4 – The Judge comments on the researcher from the petitioner’s side for not informing P S1 completely.


CR 7 – The judges ask the petitioner team under which provision they have filed the civil appeal.

CR 14 – P S1 is questioned on the necessity of supplying a valuation report.


CR 10 – P S1 looks very confident, as they go on to explain what locus standi is.

CR 12 – The P S2 begins their argument with assertiveness.


CR 4 – The Judges ask P S1 to establish if communication is equivalent to an order as stated by them in their contention. P S1 fumbles with the answer, keeps their calm nonetheless.

CR 7 – P S1 continues with the proceeding and states the issues.


CR 9 – R S1 fumbles at the questions of the judge but goes past it with ease.


CR 3 – PS2: The judges have shifted the focus of their questioning to the basics of contract law.

CR 1 – PS1: Judges got successful in making the Council confused with the questions asked.

CR 12 – With the judges questioning P S2 from their Compendium, P S2 falters a little, but manages to respond with acuity.


CR 13 – P S2 continues to enumerate their contentions with confidence.

CR 1 – The Researcher passes on a note to their speaker as the judges’ use their discretionary power.


CR 6 – The judges continue counter-questioning P S1 and also explaining them them the same and pointing out their errors

CR 15 – The petitioners have completed their submissions, now it’s time for the respondents to present their side.


CR 5 – The Judges continues to raise questions at the petitioners while they handle them with grace.

CR 10 – The contentions of the Petitioners are over, and the Respondents look ready!

CR 8 – P S2 proceeds to step up and address the rest of the issues left to be discussed by P S1.


CR 9 – Judges talk about the most efficient way to prepare Memorials, and in particular, the Index of Authorities.

CR 14 – It’s confirmed, valuation reports are truly problematic.


CR 9 – With R S2 approaching the Bench, the case just seems to getting more interesting!


CR 6 – P S1 very confidently continues with her contention and the judge makes sure to praise her for the same!

CR 5 – The petitioners continue with their contention. It can certainly be inferred that the team is pumped and have used their time profoundly to prepare for this prestigious event thus, proving themselves in front of everyone.


CR 13 – The judges are ready to grill! With questions coming left and right from the judges, the P S2 fumbles but answers the questions wittily!

CR 5 – The petitioners wrap up their prayer as R S1 proceeds to address the bench.


CR 2 – RS1 still struggling to persuade the Judges about the maintainability of the appeal.

CR 8 – Time out for the Petitioners! Judges direct them to move forward with the Prayer.

CR 6 – The judge states that even though the prayer of the petitioner has not been fulfilled it does not have any adverse effect, P S1 disagrees with the same and the judge seems to be satisfied with the answer and praises the speaker!


CR 3 – The moment when the PS2 cannot even place their prayer in peace.

CR 13 – P S2 engages the attention of the judges by constantly referring to the Moot proposition in justification of their contentions.


CR 6 – P S2 continues with the arguments for the 3rd issue with grace.

CR 3 – P S2 is only gonna get five minutes to summarize their submissions. The pressure is definitely on.

CR 4 – The Judges asks P S2 to establish how their client is aggrieved. The petitioners fumble but manage to keep their calm.

CR 10 – R S2 addresses the Bench, and the Judges already look pleased.


CR 6 – P S2 replies to all the counter questions of the judges with confidence.

CR 11 – With the R S1 concluding their arguments, R S2 approaches the dais with the continuation of issues raised.

CR 7 – R S1 fumbles yet calmly answers to judge’s counterquestions.

CR 9 – R S1 answers all questions thrown at him with utmost grace!


CR 2 – R S1 gives the answers to the questions raised confidently!

CR 7 – The judges ask for the fact sheet.


CR 5 – R S1 fumbles as the Judges go though a rigorous round of questioning. Its commendable how the Speakers are handling the nerves and cross questioning!

CR 8 – R S2 cites a case, and the Judge says “it is not squarely applicable!”

CR 14 – It’s always fun when R S1 questions the entire basis of the petitioners submission.

CR 11 – With a successful completion of the rounds, the judges give reviews to the teams from both sides.


CR 15 – We have a debate session on hand! speakers from both sides who are not on the dais are going head to head with one another over principles of natural justice.


CR 15 – Do the principles of natural justice form a valid question of law, asks the judge.

CR 2 – The Judges give emphasis on providing participants with tablets without Internet connection as it will make the task a lot easier.

CR 5 – R S2 is caught off guard as the Judges continue with the rigorous questioning.

CR 10 – Judges ask R S2 many questions, some of which, they take chits for. but that doesn’t mean they are any less confident!


CR 15 – The little mishaps in the prayer does hurt a lot.

CR 7 – The researcher from the respondents is quick to act!

CR 12 – With continuous questions from the judges, R S1 finds difficulty in getting back to the questions, but calmness is a virtue, and R S1 has it!


CR 9 – R S2 takes over, and seems to be prepared a little too well for this round!

CR 7 – Judges yet again mention the importance of mentioning the Constitution.

CR 9 – Advice of the Day: have your Proposition at your fingertips, don’t read!


CR 1 – P S2 the importance of inculcating the prayer is highlighted by the Judges.

CR 12 – With the R S1 wrapping up their arguments, R S2 approaches the dais.

CR 7 – R S2 takes over and starts his contention with reference to the next issue in line.

CR 3 – Serious questions of the judges always begins with, was there an application of judicial mind here.

CR 8 – R S1 cites a case, and the Judge says “it is not squarely applicable!”


CR 4 – R S1 is caught in a tangle of words as the Judges continue to throw questions at them.

CR 15 – The proceedings have ended.

CR 8 – R S1 steps down, and seeks permission to let R S2 take up issues 3 & 4.


CR 1 – Petitioner proceeds with the prayer.

CR 10 – The Proceedings have ended.

CR 14 – After a strong rebuttal round, the proceedings have ended.

CR 1 – R S1 has approached the Dias and begins with his arguments regarding the maintainability of the appeal.

CR 13 – Almost turning into a rapid quiz session, the judge throws questions left and right to R S2!


CR 9 – The Petitioners are totally prepared for the rebuttals, which starts now.


CR 9 – The Proceedings have come to a close.

CR 3 – It is always fun when Article 141 comes into play, because that’s when the real persuasion starts.

CR 6 – The judges take a 5 min break before starting with the arguments of the respondents.

CR 3 – R S1 demands the bench to set a precedent.


CR 8 – Judges are throwing questions at R S2 from every direction, but it is truly commendable how calmly and confidently they handle all of it!

CR 4 – R S1 questions the maintainability of the appeal by the petitioners but the Judges look like they don’t want to stop with the questioning.


CR 4 – R S2 proceeds to address the bench.


CR 6 – The judges ask R S1 to refer to them as ‘Sir’.

CR 13 – The tension sparks as the Respondents begin with the sur-rebuttal!

CR 8 – R S2 heads on with the arguments with utmost grace and confidence.


CR 5 – And the rebuttals and sur rebuttals begin. The battle of words gets intense!!


CR 12 – R S2 sure is well prepared! After a great speech, the counsel concludes with the respondents prayer.

CR 8 – R S2 goes on with the Prayer.

CR 5 – Wraps up as the rebuttals and sur rebuttals are over and the participants file out of the courtroom.


CR 6 – The judges very calmly warn the respondent’s speaker for interrupting and ask them to re-read the rules!

CR 8 – P S1 gets ready to bombard the respondents with rebuttals!

CR 7 – Respondent proposes the prayer. Petitioner asks the judges for feedback regarding a proper prayer.


CR 13 – The rounds end with reviews from the judges!

CR 4 – The Rebuttals have begun and one can feel the tension in the air!

CR 12 – The teams let out a sigh of relief as the rounds end.

CR 7 – the judges dismiss the counsels and the round comes to and end successfully!


CR 3 – The grilling has reached new heights.


CR 4 – The Respondents answers the questions in sur rebuttals quite confidently despite the pressure.


CR 1 – The first two issues have been marvelously summed up by the RS 1, The Judges seem to be much satisfied with the answers to the questions raised.

CR 4 – The Judge compliment R S2 as they wittily handle all the rebuttals!

CR 6 – The questions on the Valuation report yet again are seen to throw off the participants!


CR 4 – With that the rebuttals have ended and its a wrap!!

CR 8 – Judges dismiss the parties, and the Prelims for these teams come to an end!

CR 1 – R S1 rolls up the sleeves and proceeds towards the dais.


CR 6 – R S2 starts his contention by addressing the issue next.


Founder’s Lunch – The Judges and team members start to fill the dining hall as their rounds end, and treat themselves to a hearty meal.


The aroma of the food wafts through the air, as the participants queue up for their meals. The participants fill their plates, sit down at the tables to enjoy their meals, and engage in conversation with their teammates and fellow competitors.


CR 6 – R S2 is determined to answer all of the counter questions and keeps his calm.

CR 3 – To say that the exchange between the judges and RS2 is on the verge of being heated, is an understatement.


CR 1 – R S2 sums up their arguments and is ready to face the rebuttals.


CR 6 – R S2 is asked to sum up his contention and the petitioners start with the rebuttal.

CR 3 – The moment when the judge rebuts RS2’s arguments using the latter’s memorial. A true power move!


CR 6 – The judges dismiss the counsels and with that the round comes to an end!


CR 6 – The judges provide helpful feedback to the participants for their future competitions.


CR 3 – The joy of the judges is real when they come across a Supreme Court judgement.


CR 6 – The surrebuttal begins, and the R S2 fires away the answers!


CR 3 – Moral of the story, every extension matters.


CR 3 – After a tumultuous session filled with heated grilling and insightful feedback, the proceedings have ended.


With this, the Preliminary Round 2 ends. It’s finally a refreshing break for all. The participants finally get a chance to unwind and socialize over a delicious Lunch.


After a scrumptious lunch, the participants got a while to rest and rejuvenate. This is followed by the Draw of Lots and Memorial Exchange for the Quarter Finals.


The wait is finally over and the results of the preliminary rounds has been declared.

The teams moving on to the Quarters are: TC-925, TC-940, TC-907, TC-910, TC-938, TC-905, TC-933, TC-904.




The fixtures have been announced! And this will be followed by the memorial exchange.


One member from each team comes forward and exchanges the memorial, they shake hands and wish each other luck, keeping up the spirit.


And with this, the memorial exchange comes to an end and the participants are escorted to the waiting room.


CR 1 – The judges are seated and and P S1 has approached the bench with the facts of the case. P S1 has started briefing the issues of the case.


CR 4 – PS 1 Starts to present her arguments before the Judges.

CR 3 – The proceedings have begun.


CR 3 – The judges have begun the grilling with full force, but it seems like PS1 is also not here to play. They are taking the questions head on.


CR 4 – P S1 defines what is an order and continues with the contention with confidence.

CR 2- The competition seems high in the Quarter-finals with the judges grilling P S1 as soon as the counsel approaches the dais.

CR 1 – The Judges have started questioning P S1, while he handles the queries gracefully.


CR 4 – With the room full of quality future prosecutors, the Quarter Finals Round is worth witnessing. The Judges are throwing the questions with the speed of light testing not only the legal knowledge but also the temperament of the participants.


CR 4 – P S1 is at the highest guard and presents formal and well-constructed arguments.

CR 2 – The researcher for the petitioners gets grilled by the judges owing to the absence of index in their compendium.


CR 1 – The Judges continue to question P S1 as he fumbles under the rigorous grilling. The Quarters are not a piece of cake it seems!

CR 3 – It was only a matter of time before the principles of natural justice came into play.


CR 2 – The petitioners sure are well prepared considering P S1’s witty answers to the toughest of questions thrown at them by the judges!

CR 3 – P S1 has passed the baton to P S2.


CR 4 – The judges constantly consult the legal documents and the compendium prepared by the team (petitioners) to understand the issues presented to them.

CR 3 – The grilling is getting heated but PS2 continues handle the questions with grace.


CR 3 – obiter dicta of the day, the name Aryan is the root of all problems. Always creating an issue.

CR 1 – P S1 has picked up pace as he gracefully answers all the questions thrown at him by the Judges. The battle of words just got more interesting!


CR 1 – P S1 has picked up pace as he gracefully answers all the questions thrown at him by the Judges. The battle of words just got more interesting!

CR 2 – With what seems to be a convincing argument, P S1 proceeds with the second issue.


CR 1 – P S1 wraps up his arguments as P S2 proceeds towards the bench with the issues of the case.


CR 3 – When the credentials of the independent valuer are involved, the P R always comes in to save the day.


CR 2 – With two minutes of extension, P S1 beautifully wraps up the arguments.

CR 1 – P S2 fumbles as the Judges are not satisfied with the answers!


CR 3 – The judges are almost on their way to stump the P S2.

CR 4 – The judges keep the environment of the courtroom light and give witty comments and assure participants that they may not be very tense and encourages the participants to speak freely and confidently and also mentions the importance of a good oral submission.


CR 3 – The judges have not brought questions for the rounds about also witty comments with them.


CR 1 – The Judge gets finicky with P S2 as they fumble with the answers. The way she handles the nerves and the pressure is commendable.

CR 2 – P S2 has approached the dais and is keeping the judges well involved with relevant citations and references to the moot propositions, memorials and compendium!

CR 4 – P S1 draws the Judges attention towards issue 2 by citing The PTC (India) Financial Services Ltd. v. Venkateswarlu Kari, (2022) 9 SCC 704 case law.


CR 4 – P S2 continues with the proceedings.

CR 3 – The petitioners have wrapped up their submissions and the RS1 has started presenting their submissions.


CR 4 – Orbiter dicta of the day ”there’s no room for speculation in a court’.


CR 2 – “Does an individual valuer stand above SEBI?”- the judges leave P S2 stumped with their rigorous questioning!


CR 1 – P S2 continues with well structured arguments and handles all the questioning gracefully!


CR 2 – With the petitioners, concluding with their prayer, the R S1 approaches the dais with their arguments.


CR 3 – R S1 is ready to multitask. They are here to deliver not only their submissions but also throw jabs at their opponents.


CR 1 – P S2 wraps up the arguments after seeking an extra minute, following which R S1 approaches the bench to raise the issues.


CR 3 – R S2 has approached the dais.


CR 3 – R S2 is not here to play when it comes to throwing jabs at their learned opposing counsel.


CR 4 – P S2 continues answering the questions patiently and receives commendable remarks as well as extra marks from the judges for referring and placing the sections correctly.


CR 1 – R S1 seems well prepared as the questions from the Judges do not seem to faze her. Way to go!


CR 2 – R S2 approaches the dais after R S1 wraps up their arguments.


CR 4 – R S2 wraps up her argument with the prayer.


CR 2 – Obiter dicta noted by the judge- “The researchers are as much a part of the team as the counsel speakers are, and hence they should actively help with materials during the arguments.”


CR 3 – The R S2 has completed their submissions and the judges seem happy.


CR 1 – R S2 has approached the bench as R S1 wraps up their arguments. Respondents took their time to research and it shows!

CR 2 – The respondents close their arguments with the prayer.


CR 2 – The proceeding approaches an intense competition as the counsel from petitioners begin their rebuttal.

CR 3 – In the words of the judges, I have heard enough from both parties, no rebuttal needed. The proceedings has come to an end.


CR 2 – The teams let out a sigh of relief as the rounds come to an end!


CR 1 – R S2 continues with the issues while answering all the questions thrown their way. A smooth and graceful way of presenting indeed.


CR 1 – R S2 wraps the arguments as the time almost runs out.


R S2 skillfully wraps up by presenting their prayer after seeking an extra minute. The air thickens as the rebuttals begin!


CR 4 – The judges ask for a 5 minutes break.

CR 1 – P S1 has declared a war of words on the opposite learned counsel as they go for their rebuttals!


CR 1 – R S1 delivers the surrebuttals equally gracefully without bowing down to the rebuttals by P S1.


CR 4 – R S1 requests the Bench to allow the R S2 to proceed toward the dais.


The blogger in Courtroom 4 is about to finish the 4th bottle because of her level of anxiety and thirst.


CR 1 – It’s a wrap in this court room as the Judges have filled the scoresheets and the teams file out of the room.


CR 4 – Judges continue grilling and the respondent is also determined to answer all the counter questions.


CR 4 – the Respondent places emphasis on the difference between the words “shall” and “may”. Quite an interesting and imperative take!


CR 4 – The judges are counter questioning R S2 as they refer to the moot proposition.


CR 4 – The judges dismiss the counsels and give a positive comment for the arguments of the petitioner.

The Quarter Final Round comes to an end!

20.04: The eight teams have gathered in the hall for the declaration of results. The tension in the room can be sliced with a knife.

20.07: The participants are eagerly waiting for the results to be announced.

TC-910, TC-905, TC-907, TC-938 ARE THE SEMI-FINALISTS!


20.10: The draw of lots begins for the last time and eventually comes to the end with the fixtures being displayed on the screen.

DAY 3: 5th March 2023 (Sunday)

09.11: The day has begun and the in-house MCS members are getting the waiting room prepped for the team arrivals. Coordination and sincerity at its best!

09.14: The Judges have started to arrive for the briefing session in the conference hall.

09.22: The air inside the waiting room thickens as the teams start to arrive along with their team representatives. An enlivening and fierce battle is brewing for sure!

09.40: The judges for the semi-final rounds are being briefed by the members of the Moot Court Society about the facts and issues of the case as well as the rules and regulations surrounding the same.

09.42: The Judges’ briefing begins with the facts and issues of the case which will be followed by the briefing of the rules and regulations of the competition along with the scoring rules and regulations.

09.47: With the judges briefing in one room, while the participants are anxiously waiting in another room, it is worth wondering if there will be any nails left by the end of this day.

09.51: The Teams have started to leave the waiting room for their respective court rooms. The last minute preparations and nerves everywhere but the participants are taking it gracefully as ever! Wishing these teams all the best for the semi!

09.52: Judges are being directed towards their respective Court rooms.


CR 1 – The adrenaline rush in the room is high as the judges enter the courtroom.

CR 2 – One can feel it in the air that this will be a nail biting competition. All the best to the teams present!


CR 1 – The semi finals kick start with P S1 approaching the dais.

CR 2 – The counsel seeks permission to proceed toward the dais.


CR 1 – The Judges have started throwing questions at P S1 as they fumble under pressure, but manage to keep their calm.

CR 2 – P S1 begins his contention by stating the facts of the case.


CR 1 – Almost turning into a rapid fire quiz, P S1 gets bombarded with questions by the three judge bench. The Semi-finals sure is no easy piece of cake!

CR 2 – P S1 moves on with issue 1 of the case.


CR 2 – The judges have started grilling the speaker but the speaker keeps his cool and answers all of the judge’s questions. The judges are determined to test the speaker’s legal knowledge in depth after all it’s the semi-finals!


CR 1 – P S1 gracefully takes on the pressure as the Judges continue with their whirlwind of questions.

CR 2 – The judges are intently listening to the petitioner’s submission, while throwing in the occasional question. And, like every perfect 4th of July celebration, the grilling begins.


CR 2 – As P S1 tries to convince the judges with his contention, the judges make sure to probe every statement.


CR 1- P S1 gets addled as the judges twist them in their own arguments.

CR 2 – P S1 maintains calm and answers every question raised confidently!


CR 2- Question of the day- What is harder, convincing a three judge bench with your submissions or convincing your mother to stay out? As shocking as it may seem, the former is coming off strong.


CR 1 – Time is not on P S1’s side as they wrap up their issues with the bench denying them an extension.

CR 2 – P S1 TIME OUT! P S1 seeks two extra minutes to conclude.


CR 1 – “Why is Aryan the flavor of the month?” The bench asks P S2 in a jovial tone.

CR 2 – The judges seem to be paying close attention to the arguments presented by P S1, at the same time are evaluating the strength of P S1.


CR 2 – P S1 wraps up his contention and requests speaker 2 to proceed with the next issues in line.


CR 1 – Obiter dicta of the day: rights don’t lose their value when your mood changes.

CR 2 – P S2 the bench is in line to ask questions from P S1 but it does not seem to make P S2 nervous in any way.


CR 1 – ‘No I will not refer to anything, you tell me the paragraph.’ Nothing beats judicial humor.


CR 1 – The Judges seem brassed off by P S2’s arguments as they throw them under a rigorous round of questioning.

CR 2 – P S2 here comes a question, what is the difference between a shareholder and a pledger.


CR 1 – As the judges leave no opportunity to grill P S2, the counsel fumbles in responding to the judges’ ruthless questions.

CR 2- Even though the judges do not seem convinced with the arguments, the speaker is determined nevertheless to state her points and keeps her calm as she continues with her contention with confidence.


CR 1 : The interaction between the judges and PS2 is the personification of, ‘not letting off the hook’. Stay safe P S2!

10.54: Court Room conclusions – The name Aryan is extremely problematic.


CR 1 – “This is what happens when you stop watching Indian shows” the bench is not going soft for the semi finals.

CR 2 – The judges pause the speaker for a while and counter-questions her, seems like the bench and speaker are not floating on the same boat!!!


CR 1 – With P S2 wrapping up with the petitioners prayer, the judges take a quick break before the rounds continue.

CR 2 – P S2 Seems to be standing on thin ice.


CR 1 – After a quick break, the rounds continue with R S1 beginning their arguments.

CR 2 – P S2 The Researcher passes on a note to their speaker at the discretion of the Judges.


CR 1 – “Do you want another Elon Musk v. Twitter?”- it seems R S1 is not going to be let off easy today!

CR 2 – P S2 The bench tries to confuse P S2 with multiple questions at once but P S2 returns it with grace.


CR 1 – R S1 is left tongue tied as the bench continues with their exhaustive questioning.

CR 2 – ‘I am not convinced’ should be the official mood this season.


CR 2- Judges allow P S2 one last minute to wrap up her contention.


CR 1- “You’re in no way getting any chits today!”- the judge says as they deny R S1 any help from their researcher.

CR 2 – Court Room conclusions- The principles of natural justice are the main character of P S2’s submissions.


CR 2 – Court Room conclusions- The principles of natural justice are the main character of P S2’s submissions.


CR 1 – “Are you not on behalf of your clients? How are you not aware about their decisions?” The bench raises eyebrows at R S1.

CR 2 – The judges take a short break.


CR 2- R S1 proceeds towards the dais and begins with his contention with confidence.


CR 1- The audience in awe at the continuous grilling of the judges sympathizes with R S2.


CR 2 – “When would have SEBI filed an order?” the judges ask the question for the second time, looks like they are not satisfied with the speaker’s answers.


CR 2 – R S2 struggles with answering the correct section and asks researcher for help as he proceeds with the next issue.


CR 1 – The court room observes pin drop silence as R S2 confidently answers all the questions thrown by the bench despite being at the end of their wits.

CR 2 – The grilling is cut-throat but seems like R S1 will not go down without a fight.


CR 2 – seems like the respondent and the judges are not on the same boat but the speaker is determined to answer every question raised and keeps his calm.


CR 1 – As the respondents wrap up their arguments, the teams are escorted outside for judges review discussion.

CR 2 – Obiter dicta of the day- I am applying judicial mind, okay.


CR 2 – P S1 is asked to summarize issue 1. P S1 requests for 10 more minutes to cover issue 2.


CR 1 – The judges start with their feedback as the participants are called back in.


CR 1 – The bench compliments the petitioner’s researcher for their exhaustive preparation. Nothing like a pat on the back for your hard work!


CR 2 – R S2 starts to fumble because of the continuous grilling by the judges.


CR 1 – “Good efforts, good arguments. May the best team win!”: the concluding remark by the judges.


CR 2 – R S1 is definitely here to school everyone on the rights of the pledger.


CR 2 – R S1 wraps up his arguments as R S2 proceeds towards the dais.


CR 2 – R S1 wraps up his arguments as speaker 2 proceeds towards the dais.


CR 2 – R S2 brings his receipts in the form SAST regulations. Respect.


CR 2- R S2 is asked about the interpretation of statutes to which he replies in the best possible way with valid case laws.


CR 2 – ‘Your lordship ten more minutes’ is the mood of the day.


CR 2 – R S2 is feeling the pressure under the judge’s scrutiny but tries to keep his calm and answer all questions.


CR 2 – R S2 was questioned about the application of the principle of natural justice. In response, the speaker was able to answer it adeptly.


CR 2 – R S2 is asked to wrap up the arguments and proceed with the prayer.


CR 2 – Petitioner begins with their rebuttals.


CR 2 – The intensity of the competition is so high that the judges start counter-questioning the petitioner speaker 2.


CR 2 – At the rate at which the judges are questioning the parties, they might as well become best friends with the hook, because they probably wouldn’t be let off any time soon.


CR 2 – The surrebuttals begin!


CR 2 – With the way R S1 is handling the sur rebuttal, it is confirmed that they are not here to take any jabs from the petitioners.


CR 2 – the judges dismiss the counsels and with this the round comes to an end.


CR 2 – The tension sure is high after the surrebuttals!


CR 2 – The judges have submitted the score sheet. With this, the Semi Finals Round comes to an end.

14.30: Everything’s just getting set at the Auditorium to see the final round of the 9th KNMCC!

14.47: The moment is almost here! The venue is slowly getting filled with an excited audience.

14.50: The participants can be seen nervous and excited to know the results of the semi-final rounds and cannot wait to bear the fruit of their hard work!

14.52: KLS will be observing its first offline final of the National Moot Court Competition post-pandemic. It’s definitely a very proud and exciting moment for everyone. Wishing all the very best to the qualifying teams!

15:00: And, here we go! We have the finalists of the 9th KIIT National Moot Court Competition 2023; TC 910 and TC 907. Congratulation teams!!!

15.05: Special congratulations to all the teams who made it so far, your efforts were truly commendable.

15.07: With a coin toss, TC 910 – Petitioner & TC 907 – Respondent.

15.14: The Judges have arrived and the five members bench has sat for the finals. The atmosphere thickens with excitement and anticipation!

The Judges for the finals are :
1) Hon’ble Justice Indra Prasanna Mukerji, Calcutta High Court
2) Sr. Adv. Pradeep Rai, Supreme Court of India
3) Sr. Adv. Surya Prasad Mishra, Orissa High Court
4) Sr. Adv. Santanu Kumar Sarangi, Orissa High Court
5) Adv. Ashish  Goel, Supreme Court of India

15.16: The moment of wait is finally over! With the five judges here, P S1 approaches the dais for their arguments.

15.17: The judges listen intently as P S1 continues with the statement of facts.

15.23: P S1 is handling all the questions thrown their way by the bench adroitly. A good start!

15.24: The judges have started grilling P S1 and the speaker surely feels the pressure but tries to stay calm and answer them all.

15.26: Silence falls across the courtroom as the bench questions P S1. They handle it smoothly despite the nerves and initial hiccup.

15.29: P S1 proceeds relentlessly despite all the grilling and stress!

15.37: If only PS1 had an annexure, things would have been so different.

15.39: P S1 goes forth with the arguments like a brave wounded soldier in the battle of words as the Bench throws them under rigorous round of questioning.

15.40: P S1 seeks permission to let co-counsel discuss further issues. P S1 is heartily praised by honorable Justice Indra Prasanna Mukerji. Nothing like a good pat on the back!

15.41: P S2 looks confident, and ready to sign off with success!

15.42: ‘Where there is a right, there is a remedy!”- states P S2, arguing over the right of their client ‘Aryan’ over the pledged shares.

15.43: Question of the day- P S2 please explain how you were aggrieved? (We love a considerate judge).

15.48: Court room conclusions- At this point it seems like that the contract act is the only constant in a lawyer’s life.

15.50: Bloggers trying hard to give a break to the photographer.

15.53: P S2 does an excellent job at handling all the questions thrown at them without showing any nerves. Admirable display of skills; definitely a laudable speaker!

15.54: Citing Section 176 of the Indian Contract Act, P S2 justifies their client’s right.

15.55: P S2 beautifully keeps the judges engaged by constantly referring to relevant citations from precedents, legislations, moot propositions, memorial as well as compendium. Indeed a good speaker!

15.56: P S2 seeks permission to proceed with the Issue 4.

16.01: P S2 cites the case of SEBI V. Sunil Krishna Khaitan to make stronger contentions!

16.02: You know it’s gonna be a neck to neck fight when semantics come into play.

16.03: P S2 continues her contention by stating that correct principle of valuation is a question of law.

16.05: Goes on with the argument that they have been deprived of the principle of natural Justice.

16.06: Clarifying how the petitioners plead for a “Fair price” of the shares and not the “Best price”, P S2 has managed to pique the interests of the bench!

16.09: “Not appointing an independent valuer, SEBI has not only aggrieved the right of the petitioner’s client but the collective right of all the rightful public shareholders!” P S2 sure is well prepared!

16.15: P S2 seeks permission to proceed with the prayer but seems like the judge still have some questions left.

16.17: To be able to pray in peace is overrated anyways.

16.19: “I have a right” – that’s what they all say.

16.22: ‘What my learned brother wants to ask…’ we love judges supporting each other.

16.23: Question- Will you read the prayer?” P S2 answers, “The Counsel has come all the way for the Prayer, Your Lordship” – The highlight of the event!

16.24: P S2 is heartily praised by the bench, “you are better than a seasoned lawyer!”

16.25: P S2 collects the applauds of the audience.

16.26: R S1 begins her contention by stating the facts.

16.29: Quote of the day- Your lordship, are we on the same page. (Isn’t that what everybody wants)

16.35: R S1 continues fiercely with the occasional questions from the Bench. A deserving team for the finals for sure!

16.37: Concluding their arguments for the first issue, R S1 continues with their second issue.

16.38: The root cause of the problem ‘Aryan’.

16.49: R S1 goes on to summarize the second issue and contends that the appeal is not maintainable before the Hon’ble Court.

16.50: With R S1 concluding their arguments, R S2 approaches the dais.

16.51: R S2 proceeds to the dais and goes on to present arguments on issues 3 and 4.

16.57: Due to paucity of time, R S2 is given 10 extra minutes to conclude and asked not to take this as a breach of principles of natural Justice.

16.59: Without any hesitation, R S2 further contends with issue 4.

17.00: Having submitted their arguments, R S2 proceeds to the prayer on behalf of the respondents.

17.01: The air thickens as the Petitioners move to the rebuttals.

17.02: R S1 cites the case of G.L. Sultania & Another vs The Securities And Exchange Board of India and rests their arguments.

17.03: Petitioner begins the rebuttals with “Everything is a question of fact”. indeed it is!

17.05: Respondent moves on with the sur rebuttals.

17.08: With an amazing performance by the teams, the FINAL rounds come to an end!

17.15: Finally, the hustle has come to an end and we got to witness a neck-to-neck competition of the quality arguments between both the teams.

17.20: The elegant dancers sprinkle sparks of joy around the venue lightening the mood after the fierce battle with no casualties. Surely a sight to see!

17.25: After the beautiful performance by the dances the stage is set for the Valedictory ceremony to begin. The sparkling trophies await the winners, reflecting the sparkles in the participant’s eyes.

17.39: The Valedictory ceremony begins with lighting of the lamp giving reverence to the Almighty.

17.45: As we approach the valedictory ceremony, a sense of calm has washed over the Organizing committee, the puzzle pieces are all falling into place. Months of effort is finally coming to life.

17.49: Prof. (Dr.) Bhavani Prasad Panda, Director, KIIT School of Law addresses the audience.

18.05: Following the speech by Prof. P.K. Sarkar, Hon’ble Adv. Ashish Goel, Advocate, Supreme Court of India, takes up the dais for his enlightening words.

18.08: Adv. Goel highlights the role of sections and precedents while putting down the arguments. The Advice- Know the Judge and half of your work is already done.

18.10: “Every competition would have a winner. Winning or losing a moot does not reflect your Advocacy skills, don’t take it personally.”

18.15: The students witness the enriching speech of Sr. Adv. Surya Prasad Mishra, Senior Advocate, Odisha High Court.

18.35: Chief Guest, Hon’ble Justice Indra Prasanna Mukherjee proceeds to address the audience and share a few words of wisdom.

18.41: Further ahead, the student convenors of the KLSMCS, Ms. Ahona Mukherjee and Ms. Mandavi Banerjee deliver the event report.

18.44: The most awaited part of the ceremony is here. The winners are now being announced.

18.45: The Best Memorial award goes to: University Law College, Utkal University

18.46: The Best Speaker: Speaker No. 2, TC 910, Ms. Ranita Jana, Xavier’s Law School, XIM University, Bhubaneswar

18.47: 2nd Runners Up: TC 905, Xavier’s Law School, St. Xavier’s University, Kolkata

18.48: 1st Runners Up: TC 907, Institute of Law, Nirma University, Gujarat

18.50: WINNER: TC 910, Xavier’s Law School, XIM University, Bhubaneswar

18.54: As the 9th KNMCC, 2023 comes to an end, we would sign off with a vote of thanks.

17.00: It’s safe to say that, everyone here today pulled a successful 9th KNMCC. 



Credits for this Blog: Abharika Choudhuri, Shivani Ambastha, Vaishnavi Raj, Virupaksh Dwivedi, Madhuja Mitra, Neha & Sukanya Sarmah

Khushi, Student Ambassador 2022-23, KIIT School of Law

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  • So articulate and easy to read. Props to the students who ensured that the competition went smoothly and kept us updated.

  • Brilliantly put through… One can easily read this and get the gist of the National Moot Court Competition. Kudos to the team!!

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