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The West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences was established under the WBNUJS Act, of 1999. NUJS is considered one of thebest among the elite national law schools in India built on the five-year law degree model proposed and implemented by the Bar Council of India.

About the NUJS SIBRL

NUJS Society for Insolvency, Bankruptcy and Restructuring Laws is formed to discuss the legal, socio-economic and business issues related to the sector of IBR on a national and international level. We aim to update the community at large, with the latest developments in these sectors via society’s blog posts, newsletters, online talks, workshops, and short interviews of experts on contemporary developments in the field of Insolvency, Bankruptcy and Restructuring laws.

Aboutthe call for blogs

SIBRL Blog invites submissions from students, academicians and practitioners surrounding insolvency, bankruptcy, restructuring and allied laws in India and abroad. Write about something that is important to you, you are an expert in, or that holds a significant interest of yours. The tone does not have to be formally academic. If you wish to adopt a more informal or conversationalist tone, feel free as this is a common characteristic of blogs.


We understand that some posts may be shorter, and some may be lengthier, but in the interest of keeping posts accessible and engaging, try to keep your post within the 1500-2000 word limit. If you feel 1500 words is too limiting for the topic you wish to address, perhaps consider breaking the content down into multiple posts which develop your topic or idea. We would welcome evolutionary blogging and regular contributors.


Snappy introductory sentences are always a good place to start. Outline the key points of your article and your argument at the beginning as opposed to the end, and engage the reader early on. A clear structure can help create a sense of coherency in more expressive posts that draw on opinions or experiences. Subheadings, images and graphics can break up longer blocks of text (please remain aware of various copyright limitations).


We prefer hyperlinks rather than footnotes or in-text citations. Wherever possible, provide a URL to reference your claims or to provide further information on the topic. Links may include but are not limited to: other blogs and websites, news stories, and academic articles (open access preferred).


The content must be written in Times New Roman and justified. The font size should be 12, with a line spacing of 1.5.

The Editorial Process

All posts are edited by the editorial collective. This is to ensure that posts on the blog are consistently high-quality. This is also to help you create a post that is engaging and intellectually rigorous. The decision of the editorial board will be communicated to the author within 3 weeks, and will be final.Submissions must be sent to sibrl@nujs.edu. All submissions must be accompanied by a covering letter, containing the name of the author/s, institutional affiliation, title and category of the submission and a contact address of the author, including the e-mail address and the phone number. Submissions should be sent as MS word (.doc format) attachments with the title of the article as the file name. The body of the submission must contain no identification of any kind, including the name and institutional affiliation of the author, which must be provided in the cover letter.

Rolling Submission Policy

The Blog Team follows a rolling submission policy, and hence there is no deadline to submit articles.

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