SCC is proud to announce that the launch of SCC Pre 69 will take place on 10th August. The Chief Guest for the event will be Justice NV Ramana, the Chief Justice of India.

The event will begin at 7 pm with a welcome speech by Mr Surendra Malik, Chief Editor, Supreme Court Cases. Over a period of time, Supreme Court Cases has earned an enviable reputation of being the most accurate and reliable reporting of law in India. This reputation has been painstakingly built over years of hard work and quality control.Eastern Book Company, the parent company of SCC,  was established in 1942 by Mr. CL Malik and PL Malik and the baton to lead the organisation was subsequently passed on to Mr Surendra Malik.

Over the span of 50 years, he has held a tight leash over the quality of law reports and digests produced by EBC. So particular is Mr Malik about his workmanship, that every single judgment published by SCC has 27 copy-editing inputs in order to make it as readable and user-friendly as possible. It can be safely said that till a couple of years ago he had read almost every judgment delivered by the Supreme Court of India. We can read more about Mr Surendra Malik’s legacy here.


Mr Malik’s speech will be followed by a special address by Mr KV Viswanathan, Senior Advocate and Mr Arvind Datar, Senior Advocate. Then we will have Mr KK Venugopal, Attorney General for India taking the stage followed by Justice BV Nagarathna, Judge, Supreme Court of India. This will be followed by Hon’ble the Chief Justice of India, NV Ramana releasing the SCC Pre 69 volumes. He will then proceed to say a few words on the occasion. The event will end with a vote of thanks by Mr Sudeep Malik, Associate Editor, Supreme Court Cases (SCC).


The event will be broadcast live  HERE


The release of SCC Pre 69 is being celebrated across the legal community. The Former Chief Justice MN Venkatachaliah, who is fondly known as “Bhishma Pitamah of Indian Judiciary”,  remarked that

“Eastern Book Company”, a leader in law reporting of the pronouncements of the Supreme Court of India from the year 1969 is now rendering the series complete and comprehensive by their proposed new venture of publishing SCC 1950 to 1968.”


Justice RC Lahoti, Former Chief Justice of India before his passing away had shared these comments with us;


Justice Jagdish Singh Khehar,  Former Chief Justice of India also shared a few words on the release of SCC Pre 69;

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