Travelling allowance for members of Parliament taking airlines modified vide Members of Parliament (Traveling and Daily Allowances) Amendment Rules, 2021

Central Government Notification

On 12th May, 2022, Parliament notified Members of Parliament (Traveling and Daily Allowances) Amendment Rules, 2021. With immediate effect the rules of Member is entitled to receive traveling allowances in respect of journey performed by air in any airlines are modified.

Key Amendment:

  • With modification of Rule. 3A(5), a member shall submit self attested traveling allowance to claim traveling allowance, when the journey has be taken via airlines, by:
    1. a member under Sec. 4/ 5/ 6C of Salaries and Allowances of Members of Parliament Act,1954 (Act);
    2. the spouse of the member under Sec. 6B of the Act;
    3. an attendant of the member under Sec. 6D of the Act,
  • Physical/online submission of documents by members is mandatory like self-declaration certificate, boarding passes, etc.


*Shubhi Srivastava, Editorial Assistant has reported this brief.

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