On 28th April, 2022 Mexico’s Federal Official Gazette published two decrees amending several Articles of Federal Labor Law (FLL). The FLL is the most important employment Legislation in Mexico.

The first amendment deals with amendment in Section IX of Article 132 and Section V of Article 204 of Federal Labor Law (FLL).


Substitution in Section IX of Article 132:

This substituted Article deals with employers’ obligations to grant workers necessary time to exercise their vote in popular elections, the processes of “revocation of mandate” and fulfillment of jury, electoral and census services, when these activities must be carried out within their working hours.


Substitution in Section V of Article 204:

This substituted Articles deals with employers special obligations to grant the workers the necessary time to exercise their vote in the popular elections and the revocation processes, as long as the safety of the ship allows it and their departure on the date and time set is not obstruct.

There was no changes to Article 74 which establishes compulsory days off. It means employers only obligation is to grant unpaid leave to employees who want to participate in revocation process but no obligation to grant a day off or to pay triple amount if the employees work that day.

The second amendment to the FLL deals with insertion of second paragraph in Article 512 of FLL


Article 512:

This article amendment deals with the cases in which there is a high risk that implies the loss of life or the health of the worker is seriously compromised, above all, the nature of the work, the regulations or standards will consider the use of Technology and tools of work that are innovative and that contribute to safety tasks in the workplace.

*Disha Srivastava, Publication Assistant has reported this brief.

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