The Centre for Alternative Dispute resolution (CADR), Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab is ecstatic with excitement to welcome you all to the most awaited event 4th RGNUL Sports and Entertainment Law Mediation Competition – 2022, this time virtually, wherein teams representing the top universities participate from all over the world.

We envision fostering the advancement of learning, teaching, and research in the field of law, justice, and governance. And inculcate the unique blend of theoretical knowledge with practical learning and skill enhancement among the students. Our skills, enthusiasm, spirit, and passion for mediation remain unbound even during the pandemic. And we, at the Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab aim at fulfilling the goal of fostering the extraordinary talent participating by providing an enthralling and comfortable experience.


About CADR

The Centre for Alternative Dispute resolution (CADR), Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law has been established to promote students’ and researchers’ interest in Alternative Dispute Resolution consisting dispute resolution mechanisms like Arbitration, Negotiation, Mediation and Conciliation. Started in 2018, the Centre strives to organize stimulating discourses which is relevant to, not only the academia, but also the professional world and thus add to the literature of ADR. In pursuance of its objectives, CADR has initiated various novel and successful events, lectures, competitions et. al. in collaboration with the valued partners in the professional and academic world.


About PACT

The Peacekeeping and Conflict Resolution Team (PACT) is a team of like-minded professionals who share the vision of promoting the use of consensual dispute resolution (CDR). As a collective, the PACT aims to catalyse the development of CDR in India and abroad through its innovative initiatives. Conceptualized by law and psychology graduates, The PACT grew up along the shores of Goa, is currently headquartered in New Delhi, and has begun working on projects beyond India. The mission is to cross geographical boundaries and stereotypes, and take Consensual Dispute Resolution to every corner of this globe.


4th EDITION SEMC, 2022

After three successful years of the flagship RGNUL Sports and Entertainment Law Mediation Competition (SEMC), CADR-RGNUL is all set to organise the 4th edition of the exciting competition from 23th-25th April 2022. The competition has the dynamic support of PACT, an organisation devoted to advancing the interests of students in the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution. In addition to that as Chief Knowledge Partners, we are happy to have onboard Markanda Advocates, a firm specialising in arbitration practice. Lastly, we have SCC EBC as our our knowledge partners. 

The fourth edition which is slated to be held virtually (subject to change upon the prevailing circumstances) is going to be exciting and intellectually stimulating. With the increasing emphasis on mediation in India, this edition is intended to further the prospects of India becoming a hub for mediation practice. The participants can expect invigorating discussions and deliberations on the most vogue and trending aspects of the subject. Exciting prizes await the qualifiers of the grilling mediation sessions of SEMC 2022. The legacy thus continues and CADR promises that this time it will be bigger and better.



9:00 AM – The ceremony started with a welcome address by Dr. Gurmanpreet Kaur, Co-coordinator, CADR and Mr. Kushagra Gupta & Ms. Jannat Deep Bhaura, the Convenors of Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution, virtually inaugurated the 4th RGNUL Sports and Entertainment Law Mediation Competition – 2022. With this, we start with the Competition.

The Preliminary Rounds begin at 10:30 a.m. All the competing teams have our best wishes.


“However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.”
Stephen Hawking


DAY 1 – 23rd April 2022 (Preliminary round)

The General Information for the Prelim Round 1 centres around a fallout between a star badminton player and her coach and the mediation that ensued afterward. The participants shall have a intellectually invigorate time representing their sides of the story.

10:30 AM – The 4th RGNUL Sports and Entertainment Mediation Competition is off to a promising start with the assessors’ briefing starting smoothly. The competition is scheduled from April 23-25 and organized by the Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution, RGNUL is a one of its kind event in the niche field of sports and entertainment law. It’s a wonderful opportunity for the students to familiarise themselves with the intricacies of meditation.

11:24 AM – The competition has begun and the mediators are in the process of making their opening statement. The mediators are laying down the ground rules for the duration of the entire mediation that both parties are expected to adhere to.

12:00 PM – With most chambers already mediating for more than half an hour, the negotiating pairs are working adeptly to present their side of the stories in depth while mediators are ensuring that an amicable environment is maintained throughout.

12:30 PM – The parties are inching towards the resolution of their respective disputes, proving the mediation process to be extremely fruitful. Negotiating teams proved their mettle by coming up with innovative solutions to settle any differences. Mediators displayed their skills by facilitating the mediation process in the best possible manner.

1:05 PM – The preliminary rounds of the 4th SEMC have successfully completed. With 29 teams participating from all over the country, the competition was fiercely intense. Following the success of the round, the expert assessors provided valuable feedback to the participants which immensely enriched the experience of participation for them.

1:30 PM – The competition has dispersed for a short break following which the Preliminary Rounds 2 will take place.


“There are always new, grander challenges to confront and a true winner will embrace each one.” 

– Mia Hamen


2:40 PM – After the wonderful performance by teams in round 1, the next round has kicked off beginning with the assessor’s briefing. The General Information (GI) centers around a dispute between two Indian Artists over the potential leak of their song before it’s official release, along with friction in their personal relationship during the production of the song. The participants are going to have to rack their brains to succeed.

3:12 PM – Without further ado, Preliminary Rounds 2 have begun and promise to be just as gripping as the last round.

4:07 PM – The participants are showing off their competitive side by putting to use their well-crafted strategies. The hard work poured in by the various teams is clearly visible by the effortless flow of the mediation process

4:45 PM – After captivating and gripping mediation sessions between the parties, the Prelims 2 round has successfully come to a close. Adrenaline rushed through the clients, as they staggered up, ready to negotiate in the best of their interests. Counsels had also positioned themselves to assist their clients pragmatically. And to mediate in utmost good faith, mediators ensured that ‘No smashes are allowed’. Owing to the fierce competition, there’s tense excitement over which teams will be shortlisted for the quarterfinals that will take place tomorrow.

5:05 PM – Assessors, after providing the parties with enriching suggestions for improvement in future competitions, have started the scoring aspect. With the successful completion of day 1 of the 4th SEMC, the Organizing Committee has already started preparing for Day 2 to make it equally grand.

9:00 PM – After a day of engaging rounds, the hour of result declaration for day 1 drew near. The top 16 teams and mediators managed to earn a spot in the Octa-finals that are to take place tomorrow.

For detailed results of Octa-finals click here


“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” 

-Robert F Kennedy


DAY 2 – 24th April 2022 (Octa-Finals)

Assessors’ briefing
10:20 AM – Kickstarting the second day of the competition, the Organizing Committee is laying down the guidelines for scoring.

10:45 AM – The assessors are being briefed about the General Information (GI) which concerns a dispute between a renowned tennis player and the Australian Open over the former’s refusal to get vaccinated for the COVID pandemic. In-depth discussions about the Confidential Information (CI) took place.


11:10 AM – The participants are admitted into their respective breakout rooms and with that, the Octa-finals rounds have begun.

11:47 AM – Nearly all chambers are 30 minutes into their sessions and have made considerable progress in terms of discussing their agendas.

12:35 PM – Parties after having reached an amicable solution, with due assistance from the mediators, brought an end to the mediation session. The expert assessors then provided the participants with feedback.

12:45 PM – Octa Finals are successfully drawn to a close and results for the same are eagerly awaited.

2:38 PM – The wait for results is over! Here are the teams that have stood out with their performances in the Octa Finals:
Negotiating Teams-
1. Symbiosis Law School, Pune
2. Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar
3. Kirit P. Mehta School of Law, Mumbai
4. National Law University, Odisha
5. Jindal Global Law School
6. Himachal Pradesh National Law University, Shimla
7. National University of Judicial Sciences, Kolkata
8. National University of Judicial Sciences, Kolkata

1. Army Institute of Law, Mohali
2. Jindal Global Law School
3. National Law University, Jodhpur
4. Symbiosis Law School, Pune
5. National Law University, Odisha
6. Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad
7. SRM University, Delhi
8. SRM University, Delhi

For detailed results of Quarter-finals click here


2:45 PM – The assessors’ briefing has begun for the Quarter Final rounds. The General Information (GI) revolves around Montego, a rapper releasing customized Satan-themed shoes which are a modified version of Nyke’s already existing shoes. The shoes were modified and released without Nyke’s permission or involvement and therefore, Nyke initiated a Mediation to resolve the existing dispute in an amicable manner.

3:00 PM – Without any further ado, the much-awaited quarter-finals have begun. The caliber of the teams makes the round something to watch out for! Adding to the charm is the esteemed assembly of expert assessors who have years of experience in the field.

3:30 PM – Considerable headway has been achieved by both parties in addressing past fall-outs. The judges are going to have a hard time scoring with spectacular exhibitions of skills from every participant.

4:15 PM – The Quarter-final round for the 4th RGNUL SEMC has ended. The highly competitive sides of the participants were clearly apparent and everybody gave their best possible shots. The participants, with butterflies in their stomachs, are awaiting the results which shall be out soon.


9:00 PM – Listed below are the teams who, through their sheer hard work and dedication, managed to bag a seat in the semi-finals of the 4th SEMC:
Negotiation Team-
1. Jindal Global Law School
2. National Law University, Orissa
3. Kirti P. Mehta School of Law
4. Symbiosis Law School, Pune

1. Jindal Global Law School
2. National Law University, Orissa
3. Symbiosis Law School, Pune
4. Army Institute of Law, Mohali

For detailed results of Quarter-finals click here

DAY 3 – 25th April 2022 (Semi-Finals)

10:20 AM – The much anticipated day is finally here! Beginning with the Semi-Finals and with the Finals scheduled for later today, today promises to be jam-packed with captivating mediation sessions. The assessors’ briefing has begun. The expert assessors panel for the semi-finals of the 4th RGNUL SEMC consists of Mr. Ritesh Aggarwal, Mr. Mitul Jain, Mr. Tushar Behl and Mr. Pitamber Yadav.

10:30 AM – The briefing of the assessors have begun. The Semi-finals problem promises to be especially delightful for the Football lovers out there. Two clubs, Spurs and FFC had a match scheduled but just a few days before the match, Spurs gave a statement that their staff and players had tested positive for Covid so they couldn’t play the match. Due to this, the match was postponed but just after the scheduled date, Spurs gave a statement that the tests were false positives and their players are healthy. There was huge criticism and outcry because of this and it was alleged that Spurs had defrauded the English Football Association. The other club (FFC) filed an official complaint against the EFA and claimed compensation for the losses it had incurred. Nevertheless, it requested for the dispute to be mediated first.

11:15 AM – The air is brimming with nervous excitement and the participants are on edge as the semi-final rounds have begun.

12:25 PM – The nerve-wracking Semi-Finals have finally come to an end leaving the judges perplexed over the scoring since all the teams did exceptionally well.

2:00 PM – As the 4th RGNUL SEMC is inching towards its culmination, we would like to thank all the participants and assessors who have made the competition so far a grand success. CADR-RGNUL would be grateful for your continued support, witness the nail-biting finals of the competition, to be followed by the closing ceremony. Watch the talented finalists at work on our Youtube live.

1:40 PM – The much-awaited moment of judgment is finally here! CADR-RGNUL is elated to announce the finalists for the 4th RGNUL SEMC Competition. Hearty congratulations to the following teams:
Negotiating Teams –
1. National Law University, Odisha
2. Symbiosis Law School, Pune

1. Jindal Global Law School
2. Symbiosis Law School, Pune


2:30 PM – The wait is finally over and the finals have started with the judges’ briefing!
The dispute in the final centers around the wrongful termination of a highly celebrated feature film actor, Mr. Naveen Menon, by SEE Terries, a major music and film producing company in India from the role of the protagonist in their upcoming movie.

3:05 PM – 30 teams. 3 days. And it all boiled down to this one heated moment of competition- The Finals. The epic showdown has begun! Watch live at Youtube live.

4:30 PM – The finals of the 4th RGNUL SEMC are finally concluded. The participants are now keeping their fingers crossed for the results of the finals and to check upon the fruit of their labour.

4:40 PM – The curtain on the competition is about to fall as the closing ceremony has begun.


5:00 PM – The 4th RGNUL SEMC draws to a close, after being a grand success. We wish the following team a sincere heartfelt congratulations:

★  Best Negotiation Pair ~ Rae Kusumika & Rohini Roy from National Law University, Odisha.
★  Runner-up Negotiation Pair ~ Tarsh Khanna & Vanshika Singh from Symbiosis Law School, Pune.

★  Best Mediator ~ Advait Raghunath from Symbiosis Law School, Pune.
★  Runner-Up Mediator ~ Dhairyah Shroff from Jindal Global Law School.

★  Best Negotiating Pair (Preliminary rounds) ~ Symbiosis Law School, Pune.
★  Runner-Up Mediator ~ Symbiosis Law School, Pune.



CADR-RGNUL will be back next year with an equally grand edition of the Sports and Entertainment Law Mediation Competition.

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