On 5th April 2022, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) has announced that the minimum wage will increase from $15 to $15.55 per hour. Prior to 2022, the minimum wage in Ontario was $ 14.25 per hour. It is an effort by Canadian Government to protect workers from inflation, because of this reason the rise in general minimum wage by 8%. The general minimum wage applies to most employees in the province.


On 1st October 2022, minimum wage rates in Ontario will also be raised for the following workers:

Government promises to hike:

  • The province’s student minimum wage, who are under 18, from $14.10 to $14.60 per hour.
  • Home workers (those who do paid work out of their own homes for employers), from $16.50 to $17.05 per hour and,
  • Hunting, fishing and wilderness guides: from $75 to 77.60$ per day, when working less than five consecutive hours in a day; and from $150.05 to $155.25 per day, when working five or more hours in a day

*Disha Srivastava, Publication Assistant has reported this brief.

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