The Labour Department of Delhi has published the Draft of the Code on Wages (Delhi) Rules, 2021 which shall extend to the National Capital Territory of Delhi, vide notification dated November 26, 2021.


Key highlights:

  • The Code addresses the problems relating to delay in payment of wages whether on monthly, weekly, or daily basis. The Code will safeguard that there is no discrimination between male and female as well as transgenders in getting wages.
  • The working day of an employee shall be inclusive of the intervals of rest, if any, it shall not spread over more than twelve hours on any day and an employee shall be allowed a day of rest every week which shall ordinarily be Sunday, but the employer may fix any other day of the week as the rest day for any employee or class of employees.
  • The Code shall make certain the cost-of-living allowance and the cash value of the concession in respect of essential commodities at concession rate shall be computed once before 1st April and then before 1st October in every year to revise the dearness allowance payable to the employees on the minimum wages.
  • Further, every employer shall issue wage slips, electronically or otherwise to the employees in Form V on or before payment of wages.
  • For the purposes of the Code there may be formulated an inspection scheme by the Labour Commissioner with the approval of the Government on the criteria laid down in the Act.


*Tanvi Singh, Editorial Assistant has reported this brief.

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