The Ministry of Mines has notified the Mineral Conservation and Development (Amendment) Rules, 2021 vide notification dated on November 3, 2021.


The amendment amends the Mineral Conservation and Development Rules, 2017 in the following manner:

  1. The words “prospecting licence-cum-mining lease” and “prospecting license-cum-mining lease”, the words “composite licence” has been substituted, wherever they occur [except sub-rule (1) of rule 4].
  2. All plans and sections related to mine will be prepared by combination of Digital Global Positioning System (DGPS) or Total Station or by drone survey in relation to leases specified by Indian Bureau of Mines (IBM).
  3. Amendment prescribes for submission of digital images of mining area by lessees and Letter of Intent holders. Lessees having annual excavation plan of 1 million tonne or more or having leased area of 50 hectare or more are required to submit drone survey images of leased area and up to 100 meters outside the lease boundary every year. Other lessees to submit high resolution satellite images.
  4. Amendment also states submission of satellite images obtained from CARTOSAT-2 satellite LISS-IV sensor on the scale of cadastral map deleted in view of the insertion of provision for submission of high resolution Geo-referenced Ortho-rectified Multispectral satellite and use of drone survey as per Rule 34A.
  5. The Rules has allowed the engagement of a part-time mining engineer or a part-time geologist for category ‘A’ mines having leased area below 25 hectares.
  6. In order to increase employment opportunity, diploma in mining and mine surveying granted by duly recognized institute along with a second class certificate of competency issued by the Director General of Mines Safety is added in qualification for full time Mining Engineer. Also, qualification for part time Mining Engineer added.
  7. Penalty under Rule 24 has been decriminalized. Further, violations has been put under three categories:
  8. Major Violations: Penalty of imprisonment, fine or both.
  9. Minor Violations: Penalty reduced. Penalty of only fine for such violations prescribed.

*Tanvi Singh, Editorial Assistant has reported this brief.

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