Supreme Court Collegium has approved the proposal for the appointment of the following Additional Judges of the Karnataka High Court as Permanent Judges of that High Court:

  1. Shri Justice Maralur Indrakumar Arun,
  2. Shri Justice Engalaguppe Seetharamaiah Indiresh,
  3. Shri Justice Ravi Venkappa Hosmani,
  4. Shri Justice Savanur Vishwajith Shetty
  5. Shri Justice Shivashankar Amarannavar,
  6. Smt. Justice M. Ganeshaiah Uma,
  7. Shri Justice Vedavyasachar Srishananda,
  8. Shri Justice Hanchate Sanjeevkumar,
  9. Shri Justice Padmaraj Nemachandra Desai, and
  10.  Shri Justice P. Krishna Bhat.

Supreme Court of India

[Collegium Resolution Statement dt. 

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