Indian Diplomatic Missions must be informed in case adoptive parents moves abroad within 2 years of adopting child

The Central Government has notified the amendments to the Adoption Regulations, 2017, made by the Central Adoption Resource Authority vide Adoption (First Amendment) Regulations, 2021.

In the Adoption Regulations, 2017, in regulation 40, the following sub-regulation shall be inserted, namely :-

“(7A) Where the adoptive parents move with the child to some other country within two years of adoption, the concerned Indian Diplomatic Missions in the country of departure and arrival, shall be intimated at least two weeks in advance through a written communication by the adoptive parents with their full contact details at the new place and thereafter, it shall be the responsibility of the Indian Mission of the country to which the child has moved, to perform all the assigned duties under the Adoption Regulations, 2017 in respect of the adopted child.”

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