Madras High Court: The Division Bench of M.M. Sundresh and S. Ananthi, JJ., while addressing the matter expressed that:

The classification among men has got no place in the aboard of God.

Petitioner sought a writ of mandamus directing respondents 3 to 6 to conduct a peace committee meeting for the purpose of conducting the festival in the Temple.

Bench, while addressing the matter, expressed that “We are dealing with a very unfortunate case.”

Adding to the above expression, Court elaborated that Temple is a place of religious worship, based upon faith. When people go to the Temple out of faith, there cannot be any difference based upon colour or creed.

In the present matter, Court stated that there is a difference among the persons belonging to three communities. God does not recognize any community. It only recognizes a human being, who goes there to pray.

Further, it was added that, if such activities like peace committee meetings will be permitted, it will strike against the very spirit of the Constitution.

Hence, the High Court opined that a temple shall not be a place for perpetuating communal separation leading to discrimination, on the other hand, it should facilitate all those persons having common faith to come and worship.

In view of the above discussion, Court decides not to interfere in the matter, leaving it upon the discretion of eight respondent. [M. Padmanabhan v. District Collector,  2021 SCC OnLine Mad 698, decided on 11-02-2021]

Advocates who appeared in the matter:

For Petitioner: A.V.Arun and V.Karuna, Advocates

For Respondents:

K.P. Krishnadoss, Special Government Pleader

K.P. Narayanakumar, Special Government Pleader

S.Anwar Sameem

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