RMLNLU Debating Achievements 2019-20

RML National Law University, Lucknow has achieved multiple accolades in the field of Parliamentary debating. Between August 2019 and September 2020, RML students and debate teams recorded a total of 44 breaks at various national and international tournaments. The achievements in this session are more than what has been achieved in any academic year before. But moreover, this number is higher than the combined breaks RML had as an institution in the last 5 years or more.

To quote a few notable achievements, RML bagged every award at the IIT Kanpur Parliamentary Debate 2019, including Winners, Runners-up and Best Adjudicator. For another record year, the University won the DR Memorial Debate organised by PCTE Punjab. An RML Cross Team won the Vagyudh Parliamentary Debate 2020. RML was also the finalist in the DSDC Coherence Parliamentary Debate, Bangladesh, and broke in the Philippines Debate Union and the East Coast Asians.

RML also bagged awards at the national and international forum for debating adjudication. Among major international circuits, were awards in the Malaysia School Nationals, Karachi Debate Open, ESL Finals ANU Springs, and Canadian Australs. RML also made its mark in adjudication at the RGNUL Parliamentary Debate and the India Debate Open.

The full list of achievements is accessible HERE

This sudden but gradual rise of RML in the debating circuits is attributable to incessant efforts of the RML Debsoc, backed by the University’s student-run Debate and Discussion Committee.

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