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Recognizing the unfortunate reality that talent and aptitude do not by their own ensure that the students are able to pursue legal education in India, our beloved late Mr. Shamnad Basheer spearheaded the IDIA movement in 2011. IDIA is a Non-Governmental Organization striving to make legal education accessible to all, regardless of geographical and/or economic constraints. We aim to bring about class, caste and gender inclusivity in law schools. Our mission is to find the marginalized communities and then groom them to become exceptional lawyers and community leaders. In this way, we hope to break the growing elitism in top law schools and in the legal profession, and build a more inclusive India, where we truly empower the underprivileged by creating capacity from within.

In these difficult times of the coronavirus pandemic, wherein most adults finding their incomes dwindling, we not only extend our support to the IDIA scholars (who are more often than not first generation learners) in terms of their legal education, but are also striving continuously to aid the very sustenance of the scholars by pitching some funds towards their rent, groceries and other such needs, above and beyond preparation for exams and such purely educational expenses.

About the Fundraiser:

Although our physical fundraising activities have taken a hit in the pandemic, we have had to get creative and come up with a way to raise funds through virtual platforms! In an attempt to organize an open-to-all, fun fundraiser, we at the Rajasthan Chapter of IDIA, bring to you the IDIA Virtual Battlefield, an opportunity to enjoy playing your favourite games and quizzes online, while simultaneously contributing to society.

In this week-long fundraiser being conducted from 24 – 30 July 2020, we organize one event every evening including Pictionary, Ludo, Harry Potter Trivia, PUBG, Sudoku, Uno and Tambola.You can sign up for anyevent, or combination of events, the choice is yours. Do keep in mind that as much as a single event sign-up is truly appreciated, and goes a long-way in helping our scholars because Small actions x Lots of People = BIG CHANGE.

Eligibility Requirements

None at all! Students, professionals, academics, and anyone else at all is welcometo participate in any of the events. All you need to do is sign up in the registration forms, make the payment on Paytm or GPay, based on the details given below, and you are ready to play!

Registration Details

Follow the link given below to access all the rules and registration details for each of the events:https://idiarajasthanchapter.wordpress.com/blog/. The registration fees range from Rs. 25/- to Rs. 200/- based on the events.

We accept payments via PayTM @ 8890253685 (Pooja) or 9959235575 (Praveena). Alternatively, we also accept payments on GPay 8078548380 / UPI- hibamohasin@okaxis (Hiba).

Hurry and get yourselves registered!


Exciting Cash Prizes await the winners. Based on individual events, the prizes range from Rs. 100 to Rs. 600 for the winners. Kindly refer to the attached brochures, or the rules for each event at https://idiarajasthanchapter.wordpress.com/blog/ for more details as to the reward structure for each of the events.


Mark your calendars for July 24 to July 30, 2020!

  • 24th July (Friday)-Netflix Quizzes
  • 25th July (Saturday)-Ludo Tournament
  • 26th July (Sunday)-PUBG
  • 27th July (Monday)-Puzzles Night (Harry Potter Trivia & Sudoku)
  • 28th July (Tuesday)-Tambola
  • 29th July (Wednesday)-Pictionary
  • 30th July (Thursday)- Uno.

The organising committee is ready to accommodate busy schedules, and we have made an effort to conduct our weekday events anywhere between 7 and 11 pm, depending on the time commitment required for each event, to ensure that interested professionals are not hindered by their working hours!

Contact Details

We are happy to answer any queries you may have about this fundraiser.

Email us at: rajasthanchapteridia@gmail.com.

Alternatively, you may reach out to us at:

Praveena N.S. (Deputy Team Leader, Fundraising, IDIA Rajasthan Chapter): 9959235575

Pooja Dhamor(Deputy Team Leader, Fundraising, IDIA Rajasthan Chapter): 8890253685

Srishti Chhabra (Team Leader, IDIA Rajasthan Chapter): 8949487937


For those of you that identify with our mission, but find yourselves unable to participate in this fundraiser, you may choose to donate any amount that you may please.

Via PayTM @ 8890253685 (Pooja) or 9959235575 (Praveena).

Alternatively, on GPay@ 8078548380 (Hiba Mohsin)

UPI- hibamohasin@okaxis (Hiba Mohsin).


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