Government of Delhi orders lockdown in whole territorial jurisdiction of NCT of Delhi from 0600 Hours from Monday 23-03-2020 to midnight of 31-03-2020 in the wake of outbreak of Corona Virus (COVID-19).

Following restrictions are laid down in the notification:

  • No public transport services including operation of private buses, taxis, auto-rickshaws, e-rickshaws, etc. shall be permitted. Only DTC buses shall operate at not more than 25% capacity
  • All shops, commercial establishments, factories, workshops, offices, godowns, weekly bazaars, etc., shall close their operations.
  • Motorable and Unmotorable borders of NCT of Delhi with the neighbouring states of Haryana and U.P. shall be sealed.
  • Movement of inter-state buses/trains/metro (DMRC) shall be suspended.
  • All domestic/international flights arriving to Delhi during this period shall be suspended.
  • Construction activity of any kind shall be suspended.
  • All religious places of any denomination shall be closed.
  • People are required to stay at home and come out only for basic services within the vicinity of their residences while strictly following the social distancing guidelines issued earlier.

What all shall be exempted from this?

  • Offices charged with law and order and magisterial duties
  • Police
  • Health
  • Fire
  • Prisons
  • Fair Price Shops )Public Distribution System)
  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Municipal Services
  • Activities related to functioning of Legislative Assembly of Delhi
  • Pay and Accounts Office (only for salary/wages/contingent health & essential services related expenditure)
  • Print and Electronic Media
  • Cashier/Teller operations of banks (including ATMs)
  • Telecom, Internet and Postal Services
  • E-commerce of all essential goods including food, pharmaceutical and medial equipments
  • Food items, groceries (fruits/vegetables/milk/bakery items, meat, fish, etc.)
  • Milk Plants
  • General Provision stores
  • Take away/home delivery in restaurants,
  • Chemists and Pharmacies
  • Petrol pumps, LPG/Oil agencies (including their godown and transportation-related activities)
  • Animal fodder
  • Manufacturing, processing, transportation, distribution, storage, trade/commerce and logistics related to all the above services/establishments and commodities required for delivery of these services
  • any other essential service/establishment that may be exempted by the Government

People who come out to avail essential services shall be allowed on their self declaration

Employees of private establishments (including temporary/contractual/outsourced etc.) required to stay at home in view of this order shall be treated as “on duty” and be paid in full.

Any person found violating this order shall be prosecuted as per the relevant provisions of law.


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