CIC | Information regarding details of police encounters in UP to be sought from UP State Information Commission

Central Information Commission (CIC): Y.K. Sinha (Information Commissioner) while forwarding the present case to UP State Information asked for the disposal of the same as the information sought is regarding the number of encounters and number of people who had died in such encounters from April 2017 to May 2018 in Uttar Pradesh.

The present application was filed seeking the number of encounters and number of people who had died in encounters in Uttar Pradesh during April 2017 to May 2018.

Details of persons that were killed in encounters from 2012 to May 2018:

a. Name of the person killed b. Caste c. District d. Thana e. Date of Encounter f. Name of the officer carrying out the Encounters and his caste g. Details of the provisions of IPC under which charges were leveled against the deceased.

All of the above information had been sought from the PIO, but no information was received even after the first appeal and thereafter, the present second appeal was filed.

The appellant had prayed that the correct jurisdictional authority be determined which would provide him the information sought as the application had been transferred several times but till date, no response was received.

Thus, the Commission on noting the above, stated that custodian of the information was the UP State Government. Since the subject matter falls outside the purview of the Central list and pertains to the State of Uttar Pradesh, the Registrar of this Commission is directed that the aforesaid case be forwarded to the UP State Information Commission, Lucknow. [Gajender Singh Yadav v. PIO/Mo/Home Affairs, 2020 SCC OnLine CIC 83, decided on 14-02-2020]

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