The new 12th edition of this classic and popular work is a comprehensive treatise on Legal and Constitutional History of India, and has been thoroughly revised and updated. An analytical survey of the recent legal developments and a lucid account of the important phases in the development of legal system in India are the highlights of the book.

The book likewise contains a thorough rundown of the relevant landmark Supreme Court Judgments along with succinct subject-matter.

This revised edition has been divided into five parts, viz., Constitutional History of India; Legislature; Executive; Judiciary; and Post Independence Development.

Further, the revising author has systematically arranged and rewritten many parts of this book, expanding on pre-existing topics.

Also included are additional learning resources on :

  • Access to important case law as indicated by Case PilotTM.
  • Discussion ForumTM to post comments, discuss and explore ideas.
  • SCC Online® Blog to stay updated on recent happenings of the legal world.
  • Useful LinksTM to get access to a compilation of free resources.

The book will prove to be immensely useful to law students, researchers, academicians and all those who want to have a better understanding of the Indian legal and constitutional history.


 “The book would retain its predominant place among the students of law and seekers of Indian legal and constitutional history. It is still the most succinct and comprehensive work that the original author envisaged it to be and one of the authoritative compilations in the area.”–Cochin University Law Review

“It is fabulous to note that the author has touched the relevant subject in-depth, with a synopsis and introduction so that the reader can reach to relevant portion without any sort of confusion.”–The Academy Law Review

Please get your copy soon!

Have a look at the following link for details: V D Kulshreshtha’s Landmarks in Indian Legal and Constitutional History

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  • That was a great compilation of the important milestones of the Indian legal constitution.

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