Latest Issue of — GNLU Journal of Law, Development and Politics [Vol. 9 Issue 2] is out now!


Trade-off between Soft Law versus Hard Law in Developing Jurisprudence of Prudential Global Financial Regulatory Framework

Hiteshkumar Thakkar

Agility in Governance Through Public Health Initiatives: The Case of India’s Ayushman Bharat- National Health Protection Mission

Manoj K. Sahoo & D. Sriram

The Problem of Electoral Malpractices in the Democratic Politics of Nigeria: A Contemporary Discourse

Andrew Ejovwo Abuza

Brazil: Clear Visions and Their Contested Acceptance

Devika Mishra

Understanding Development of two States; a Study of the Bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh

Chaketi Raju

Maternity Benefit Act, 2017 – A Game Changer for Women’s Economic Empowerment

Nidhi Buch

Election Commission: A ‘Watchdog’ of Free and Fair Election

Parag Agrawal & Harshita Chaarag

Separation of Powers and the Charade of ‘Separateness’: Core Legal Dilemmas Under Nigeria’s Constitutional Democracy

Olusola Babatunde Adegbite, Oreoluwa Omotayo Oduniyi & Jubril Akinwunmi Farinde

Water Disputes in India: Constitutional Mechanism and Judicial Control of Disputes on Inter-State Rivers

Girish R

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