Lectures on Labour Law by Prof. V.B. Coutinho puts forth in simple terms the gist and important aspects of the topics/issues involved in labour legislations. The book has been written with an intent to train the students both in the analysis and application of the statutory law and the case law.

This book consists of 12 lectures. These lectures will help the students understand the important aspects of labour legislation, such as, settlement of industrial disputes; payment of compensation; protection and control of a special class of labour such as, children, adolescents and women; challenge for the employer to provide safe place of work and excellent environment to help productivity. Further, the lectures discuss safeguarding the rights to organise through trade unions and resolve disputes through collective bargaining; protecting the rights of the employer not to be unduly harassed and disturbed in the production process; and the need for timely reforms to be introduced to ensure that labour law is abreast of the developments the world over.

Also included are additional learning resources on www.ebcexplorer.com: 

  •  Access to important case law as indicated by Case PilotTM .
  • Discussion ForumTM to post comments, discuss and explore ideas.
  • SCC Online® Blog to stay updated on recent happenings of the legal world.
  • Useful LinksTM  get access to a compilation of learning resources.

This book will be immensely useful to students, lawyers, judges, academicians, research scholars and all those who are interested in the subject.

Buy Your Copy Here: Lectures on Labour Law by V.B. Coutinho

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