SL SC | Reasonable basis required in order to reverse the findings of the trial court; SC sets aside judgment of the HC

Supreme Court of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka: Vijith K. Malalgoda PC J and L.T.B. Dehideniya and P. Padman Surasena, JJ., allowed the appeal proceeding in the matter of declaration of title and for ejectment of the Defendant-Respondent from a land.

After the trial of this case the District Court had given a judgment in favor of the plaintiff-appellant aggrieved by which, the defendant-respondents had filed an appeal in the High Court where the learned High Court had set aside the judgment of the District Court, thus the instant appeal was filed in the Supreme Court seeking leave to appeal. The Court had granted leave to appeal on the questions of law set out in the Petition dated 30-11-12.

The Court while allowing the instant appeal explained that the High Court had failed to give reasons for rejecting the findings of the learned District Court Judge and the learned High Court Judges are not in a position to re-analyze the facts of the case without having any reasonable ground to do so. Thus, there was no reasonable basis upon the High Court to reverse the findings of the trial judge, since the District Judge had clearly analyzed the facts of this case and had come to a correct conclusion. [Rajamanthri Gedera Somalatha v. Wajira Kanthi Rathnasinghe, 2019 SCC OnLine SL SC 10, decided on 07-11-2019]

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