2nd TNNLU National MED-ARB Competition, 2020

TNNLU is organizing the 2nd National Med-Arb competition which will be held from 31st January 2020 – 2nd February 2020. We expect diverse nation-wide participation in this unique rendition of Med-Arb which is conceived and developed to foster the skills and knowledge of the budding lawyers of India.


The Med-Arb Competition has a blend of both mediation and arbitration which aims at stimulating and nurturing the thought process of the students to resolve disputes through ADR Mechanisms. Starting with the most informal and least restrictive form of ADR, the parties will try to resolve their disputes through mediation. The parties will then be required to resolve their dispute through arbitration. The Med-Arb competition initiates with the informal and cooperative approach of mediation. The flexibility of med-arb then allows shifting to the more structured and adversarial process of arbitration.

The teams will be selected on a first come first serve basis. Only one team per University is allowed to participate. Teams can apply by filling up the form in the link available here.

Proposition to be released soon!

For more details, refer NMAC Rules

NMAC 2020 Pre-Invite

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