WHO | “Transgender” not to be characterized as a “mental disorder” by World Health Organization

According to media reports, “Transgender” will no longer be categorised as a “mental disorder” by the World Health Organization (WHO) after major amendments in its health guidelines.

“United Nations’ health agency approved a resolution to remove “gender identity disorder” from its global manual of diagnoses. According to the newly-revised version of the International Classification of Diseases (known as ICD-11), published by the WHO, “gender identity disorders” have been reframed as “gender incongruence.” Gender nonconformity is now included in a chapter on sexual health, rather than being listed with “mental disorders”.

“In several countries around the world, the process of medically transitioning gender is based on the now-outdated ICD framework, which classifies being transgender as a “gender identity disorder” under the category of “mental disorders.”

[Source: TIME]

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